Sit Uru Sit!


And the comic comes in the NIIIIIGHT!

Myst Online became Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, but Cyan assures us there is still an online multiplayer component. Whether or not your typical inhabitant of this online world will be any different than your typical inhabitant of, say, Unreal Tournament, remains to be seen. I'd like to think that someday we could have an online game with tools and fool-deterrents capable of fostering actual adult (not that kind of adult) community. Yes, you can close off your server and make it invite only. But that doesn't allow the sort of chance meetings that can create new associations or, dare I say, friendships.

I'm not suggesting Uru is going to be the answer. I'm excited about it, but I'm worried it might be a little like walking into an old library (or is that just a Myst flashback?). Myst induced feelings of independent adventure that always bordered a little on loneliness. Will Uru replace that loneliness with teamwork or will everyone ignore everyone around them in an attempt to rekindle that CD-ROM spirit?



The scariest thing is...  Round off his glasses.  Make him slightly less chubby.  Lighten his hair.  Fix his teeth.  Then I will be a star of one of Sway's comics!  You must be psychic!  The first thing I said when I saw this was, "OMG that's me!"

Hrm... looks nothing like me.. except for the skin color, that's spot on.. Actually the hair is about right too.. I've got that little spikey bit at the back that just won't obey orders..