Operation Rationalize


This is my second comic in my eye-rolling series. I get this reaction a lot at home, because I say stupid stuff. For some reason I feel like I can pretty much say anything about computers and it will be too technical for her. This is an incorrect assumption, because my wife is not dumb. She knows very well that when she found the empty Radeon 9500 Pro box near my computer, that I didn't buy it to fix Microsoft Word. Just as when I recently replaced 512MB of perfectly good PC133 RAM with 512MB of DDR PC2700 RAM, it wasn't really going to enhance her shopping experience at crateandbarrel.com. She still lets me say it, though. Either because she's a sweetheart or because she's saving all these up in a notebook to be used against me later.



 Good comic as always Sway....

heh heh... good stuff

Why would you promise not to upgrade your computer for games? It's a pretty normal reason to upgrade your computer.

Ever tried to explain that to your girlfriend or significant other?  Not always quite so logically easy.

I figured out a while ago that the completely disorganized wicker basket filing system my wife keeps (as apposed to my nice steal cabinet nested file system) is all a plot ot keep me from finding that all important notebook to be used against me later.