Crystal Swords Are Adorable


So we're playing Diablo...again. I've lost count of how many times I've gotten hooked on this game. The gameplay has almost become a parody of itself at this point. It's like Whack-A-Mole with power ups. Storyline? Maybe there was a storyline the first time I played. Now I click on and click off the NPCs just to advance to the next quest. The cutscenes just slow me down. I've seen every spell effect, and every monster, and every creepy dungeon. There are parts of the game that are actually not fun to play (jungle anyone)? Yet play I do. And play I will. Any guesses what makes this game so addicting?

Shopping. I just HAVE to have that little unique number that dropped off of that mob. I try on anything new I come across and see how it fits. I trade with other players so that we can have matching ensembles. If I find something that I'm sure a friend would love, I stash it away until I see them again and surprise them. Gems and jewels are like the perfect accessories for my wardrobe. They just add that something special. I know this is making you wince. It hits that close, doesn't it? Well we can keep it our little secret on one condition. You should probably stop making fun of people who play The Sims. After all, they've had five expansions already. They can at least claim they're addicted to the new gameplay.



Why can't I stop playing this game.  For the love of God WHY?!

This must be one of the most played games in my collection, I don't think I've had a game that goes on and off my hard drive as often as Diablo2, best value from a game and as Sway says it's the sheer variety of stuff available! By comparison Dungeon Seige is put in the shade.

Diablo II was great and I hear what you are saying

Though I have just started playing Dungeon Siege and this game is awesome. Out of the box it wasn't that great for me, though with a few mods here and there its now fantastic.

With so many mods out there the game can be tweaked to play how you like it. This for me gives it that slight edge

The best mod is called: "DS v1.1 Camera Fix kit"
This really opens it up and shows off a truly beautiful 3D world.