Fjords of EverQuest


Perhaps there were meetings upon meetings with full committee and an assortment of bagels, danishes, and juices. However, when I waited anxiously as those last few seconds ticked off on the teaser page, and then, five minutes later when they actually put up the site, I was sort of underwhelmed. Here was a new RTS that already looked strangely familiar...what with its Goblin and all. But the best, it seems, that they could come up with for a name was Lords of EverQuest. While not necessarily a bad name, there just seem to be about a thousand better ones, most of which can be found in EverQuest itself. There are people, places, things, and various other nouns to be found in EQ lore with waaaaaay awesomer names. I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but here are a few off the top of my head this morning: EverQuest - Fields of Bones; EverQuest - Spirits of the Wolves; EverQuest - Wednesday Night in Norrath; EverQuest - Hot Froglok Action in the Plane of Torment. Okay, so maybe I stole one, but I hope I made my point clear. Give us something intriguing to grab onto so we can jump to all sorts of hasty and incorrect conclusions about the settings and content. Right now the only conclusion I can jump to is that we're dealing with a bland WC3 clone. Here's to hoping that conclusion is a hasty and incorrect one.



The devil works for Sony, it all makes sense now.

Give me a heart attack Sway, good Friday indeed!