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I don't finish games. I often don't even come close. Game publishers probably lose millions on people like me because often the demo provides just enough content to keep me satisfied. Such was the case with Freedom Force, and Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and, most recently, Vietcong. I'm sure it would be the same if I got around to downloading the Praetorians demo. However, occasionally (my wife would say all too frequently) I still buy a game. I play and play and play for hours and, well, stop playing. Is the game bad? Not usually. Am I bored with it? Not really. Most often it's lost just enough appeal that I just don't boot it up again. Many of you voiced similar experiences in the "What happened to Nintendo magic?" topic in the forums. I suspect a lot of this can be blamed on our status of Gamer With Job and being able to afford to buy more than two games a year. No longer do we have to beg (though many of us still do) on our birthday and at [insert holiday not affiliated with religion here] for a single new game. We can wallow in console gluttony, feeding our insatiable appetite for eye candy. Oh for me!



Hehe, I think that topic "Name the games you havent finished" could gather numerous replays in GwJ forums.

Actually, I think that not only we have changed, but Games as well (it`s not me! it can`t be me!!!) - don`t you find that they`ve become more story-oriented (think "levels linked with vague briefings")?

I mean, who has kidnapped joy of exploration and "secrets" ?

-- "I mean, who has kidnapped joy of exploration and "secrets" ?"--

It was Certis.  He's been gloating about it for a while now.

Thanks for sharing, I think I`ll have to do something about it.  How much does he want for bringing it back?

Man. As all the previous comics, this one is excellent

No, I didn't finish it, I got bored. Any of you guys did?

For NW, like Morrowind before it, not even close. I think I freed the zoo animals and that was about when I put away my Play Disc. I liked the game, although waiting for the thief accompanying my druid to unlock every door, chest, or box got a little tedious. I think, perhaps, it should have come with an option to loosen it's "play it by the book" attitude. For those coming at NW from a lifetime of PnP games, it may have been like so much mana from heaven. For me, I didn't really care if my +1 Lockpicks of the Mighty Sage and Spell of Quite a Bit of Luck didn't manage to help me achieve a successful roll on that Box of Pernicious Cardboard. Just let me open the box and continue! So, no, I didn't finish Neverwinter.

The game I'm currently not finishing is Metroid Prime. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that one, either. I loved every minute of it while I was playing. However I just haven't cracked the case on that one in over a month now.