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I vaguely remember deciding that it was okay for me to play video games in my early twenties, since I'd probably give it up once I got a full time job. I figured 25 would probably be the age my console would go dark and I'd start to use Excel on my computer. Well things have certainly turned out different. My habits have definitely changed. Now when I say "all-nighter" I mean that I stayed up until midnight. Still, the enjoyment is still there. I still get excited at screenshots and buy games strictly on the basis of hype. And now that I'm staring down the barrel of 30, I know I've already told a few people that I couldn't imagine still playing after that. I may be eating birthday cake and crow next year. I'm just hoping someone will remember get me that Alienware gift certificate.



Considering that 30 is a month and a half away for me, becoming a proper adult doesn't look exactly promising for me.  Heck, I don't even have all that much faith in a dramatic change by 40.

My in-laws ask me what I wanted for my birthday, usually it's a nice little gesture for inheriting all of their daughters school debt into my huge black hole of debt, but that's a story for another time.

I feel kinda weird asking for Command and Conquer: Generals. 

But I did it.

You know they're thinking..."How old are you again?"

Just turned 25, and what did I ask for? X-Box.

And what did I get? Surprisingly, X-Box.

I couldn't think of anything else to ask for my birthday, so whenever my wife would ask what I wanted, I'd think, and then just say "X-Box" It's either that or tools, and who wants to get tools for their birthday? She finally got sick of it, and called my family. They all pitched in for an X-Box. When I opened it, my wife was so pissed. (thinks games are for kids, but I sure showed her with DOAXBV!)

There's no shame in playing video games. I'll still be doing it when I'm 40. Heck I'll still be doing it when I'm 80, and have arthritis, because then, I'll be able to think at my computer!

Im going to be 33 on April 28th!  Dont even talk about being old.  All my friends are married with children.  All of them.  Quite a few are on their second child!

Me? Well I've got P4 and PS2 to keep me company.  Of course my PS2 is really only my DVD player.

In my late 20s. Been fascinated with video games since I first saw an 8 bit coin-op machine in the early 80s.

For a while I thought I might grow out of it. My parents certainly thought I would grow out of it. But, it doesn't seem to be happening. I kind of doubt that those of us who grew up with computer games are ever going to grow out of them.

Still, my tastes do seem to be changing over time. I'm much less patient with some types of games than I used to be. I want a lot more instant gratification. Also, I find I want more graphic violence and more T&A in my games, but am increasingly turned off by adolescent humor, weak storylines, and immature on-line behavior.

I'm, uh, 15?  No, I don't have a job right now.

Don't look at me like that!

15?  No job?  Your kind isn't wanted here.    Can't you read the site's title?  Punks.

Just kidding.   Yeah, I've been gaming since my hipster grandparents bought a Pong machine for all us cousins to play with back in Christmas '77 I think.  Been a junkie ever since. I'll be 31 next month, and still gaming onward.  

Personally, I think that gaming will become more socially acceptable as the generation that was born during it's evolution comes of age.  Like Rock & Roll for the baby-boomers.  While it's not going to be as widely accepted, I think that a lot of the knee jerk reactionary BS were dealing with now from the Boomers in Congress will pass.  When people who grew up with and better understand this technology get into position of power, stuff like the DMCA will get it's just desserts.

But by then, youngin's like F3nyx up there will have concocted something new we don't understand and will try to regulate against.  I'm almost like that with cel phones these days.  Yes I can use one, but I don't have a compelling need to be connected 100% of the time and can't fathom the mindset of those that do.  The idea of teenagers (and younger!) needing a cel-phone is completely foreign to me, as is the mindset of parents who allow there kids to have them.

</ranting old fart>

Now back to Zelda so I can feel young again....