Ground Based Assault


It's a pretty impressive event that keeps me from watching the NCAA tournament. However, this war, and its news coverage has had me absolutely riveted. I'm always nervous about going to bed each night for fear that I'm going to miss some important announcement. However, my emotions are mixed since I know that citizens of Baghdad are probably nervous about going to bed each night, too, but for fear of being yanked out of sleep by yet another air raid siren. Oh, and by show of hands, how many of you are sick of hearing about "shockenaw"? If your going to reuse the term, at least annunciate all three words. It's nearly as bad as how "www" has become "dubdubdub". Has anyone else noticed that the abbreviation for World Wide Web has more syllables than the term it's abbreviating? Man, I'm all over the place this morning. I need some coffee.



Damn fine sentiment!  Something about the idea of a soldier in Kuwait or Iraq with a GBA in his pack really brings home the thought that these aren't just people on television or fuzzy radio reports from God knows where.