Think Before You Speak


It's Friday and that means another page from the sketchbook. Occasionally we are lucky enough to attract a companion. Maybe it's our collection of Bioware T-shirts. Maybe it's the towering stack of the old gigantic game boxes in our den. Maybe it's our encyclopedic knowledge of Buffy and 24. We usually try not to worry too much about it. However, just because you love games, doesn't necessarily mean that she does.



My wife once made the mistake of asking.  I can't help but note she's never asked again since. 

- Elysium

I'm amazed at how many hardcore gamers have girlfriends, much less wives! I mean aren't we too busy playing games and being introverted to go out and meet girls? I've been doing this gaming thing ever since my Atari 2600 and VIC 20 and the success rate with girls plummets the older I get.

Any tips?

It was easier in the 90's when we were also rich.  It's much easier to be a computer nerd with venture capital than it is to be a computer ners slinging espressos at Starbucks.

Yes, I'm in the boat too. Damn women, not wanting to spend the weekend inside playing RPGs!

One of my friends, he had balls. It came to the point that his woman said "It's your Dreamcast or ME!".

He's still playing with the dreamcast, and I never saw him so happy.

Me, I have to go to this wimmyn reunion tonight, where we shall discuss fun subjects such as the best way to deal with menstruation cramps and whether tampons or towelettes are better. Oh god, help.

I don't know about you, but I sort of treat my gaming like a secret super-hero identity in public.  Sure I do it and enjoy it, but I don't around bragging about it.  The fact that I wear a cape while doing it is coincidental.

Yes I remember My girlfriend asking me "what's that game all about" whilst I was palying the PC version of Baldur's gate 2. I remember that "Geez I'm Engaged to a complete Geek" look of horror set in after 30 seconds and oddly enough she's never ever asked me about a PC game since, (except The Sims... It's a female thing, they love boring simulations of real life hence them loving soaps so much!)

My secret was to have extroverted and somewhat less-geeky friends who could vouch for me when I was too shy to vouch for myself. I'd say one of the biggest tips would be not to narrow your interests too much. The more things you enjoy and can talk (not even necessarily knowledgeably) about, the better the chances that you'll have something in common with that someone you'd like to have something in common with. And then, when a certain amount of trust has built up, you might be able to mention the cape that Rat Boy was talking about.

Alternatively, you can remain focused and seek the elusive female gamer. I avoided this because I didn't want to fight over who got to play next.

whether tampons or towelettes are better

I've learned tampons are better. More comfortable.

*Note* I am a dude