With every new incarnation of the Zelda franchise, it appears that Link (or whatever you have named him) increases his carrying capacity. I'm only into the first dungeon of The Wind Waker and I've already found a Spoils Bag and a Messenger Bag and, presumably, some sort of case to put all my maps in. Mind you these are inventory items that hold other inventory items. I feel like restarting the game and renaming him U-Haul or Attic. On top of that, this game, like OoT before it, allows you to assign three buttons to items in your inventory which you want to have "on hand". Tunic technology is the true Legend of Zelda.



Is that a Rupee in his pocket or is he happy to see us?!

Thanks, I'm here all week.  Tip your waitress!

- Elysium

To be fair, he can only hold 200 rupees in the beginning. I don't know exactly where he holds them, but he can.

Maybe he shoves them under his flopsy hat.