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Episode One - Gaming News, Xbox 360 Pricing and More!


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Welcome to Gamers With Jobs Radio, the beginning of what we hope to be a long running extension to the Gamers With Jobs experience. Fletcher and Sanjuro host this entertaining take on all the latest gaming news, some views on the big topics of the moment and even a look at what's happening in the GWJ forums. I'd like to point out that the guys are recording from opposite sides of the US so we still have some work to do on cleaning up the audio quality in the next broadcast, but we'll perfect it in time! The first episode runs at 26:60 minutes and weighs in at 5.97 megs, look for a new show every two weeks at the very least. Big thanks to Gameguru for hosting the show file and Elysia for whipping up the super awesome Radio Stan logo. Enjoy!


Very enjoyable listen. Well put together, nice choice of topics, funny enough and you both have quite pleasing voices, all homoeroticism aside.

How are you connecting through Skype? Does everyone call into one computer and the host also records through that same computer?

I believe the reverb would be taken care of (if so), by having a separate computer host the call and record the audio, with no mike usage on that computer whatsoever.

But I'm a complete amateur going off second-hand info.

Loganrapp wrote:

But I'm a complete amateur going off second-hand info.

You know what, I think that right there defines the internet. Oh, internet, how I love you.

I just listened, very good. But if Fletch posts his hairless brain on the forums I am reporting this site to the FDA. This place will need a warning label :).

Unfortunately, I think Fletcher will be right, unless MS runs into serious manufacturing problems. Because the resulting thread would clearly be the best one ever in the history of the site.

Anyways, excellent work chaps. Looking forward to the next one.

Well that explains the audio issues. The idea of recording audio locally on both ends would be great, but would produce a pretty big file that sanj would have to send over the line. Would give greater control, but it sounds like the system they're using now should be fine once the reverb-o-doom issue is cleaned up.

Fletcher: Are you saying you're getting reverb in the recording, but you're not hearing it over you speakers/headphones while "on the air"?

My favorite radio personalities!

LupusUmbrus wrote:

Fletcher: Are you saying you're getting reverb in the recording, but you're not hearing it over you speakers/headphones while "on the air"?

Yes. And it's apparently audible to the person I'm recording with as well. So it's being transmitted back over the line and recorded, but I can't hear it.

I can't be arsed looking for the comment, but I'd like to point out that Sanjuro's a funny guy - not just a 'straight man'.

(Shaving issues aside.)

Fletcher, you're a pro, man. You should really do this for a living. Sanjuro, you did great as well buddy. Funny as expected. You should bring your guitar and sing us something next time. Or not.

Great job guys!

Stupid not-working mp3 player *mumble mumble mumble mumble.


What's the movie you're talking about at the end of the show? I can't make out the title.

Had an absolute blast listening to you guys. Can't wait for the next go'round.

As a gamer with job, it took me until late last night before I finally had the time to listen in. I'll pile on and say nice job. Looking forward to the next broadcast.

Well done, want more.