Gamers With Jobs Radio Episode Six


Episode Six, or: Attack of the Segment!


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Welcome to Gamers With Jobs Radio for the week of October 24th, 2005. This Week, Segment One takes over the show as Fletcher and Certis discuss the dizzying deluge of delightful diversions which have descended upon their domiciles. Certis in one corner, with his breathtaking array of new release titles. Fletcher in the other with his musty, old collection of the titles from yestermonth. Together the duo tackle The Warriors, Shadow of the Colossus, F.E.A.R., Quake 4, Fire Emblem, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Arx Fatalis and Jet Set Radio Future. Enjoy!

UPDATE!: Watch this space on Tuesday, November 1st for a GWJ Radio Special Bulletin in honor of the Gamers With Jobs Donation Drive! The next full, brand-new episode of GWJ Radio will be released on November 8th. Stay tuned!


I listen to it in the car with an ipod fm adapter and normalized from itunes. The music suddenly blasts out loud when I try to bring up the volume in order to hear Certis more clearly. Fletcher sounds okay.

As for the actual content, I like the previous episodes where it's games punctuated by forum reference better. I guess six was a break from the format and that's fine with me as there was clear warning within a few minutes into the episode. That's my take. Either way, it's still a fine job you guys do with the podcast. It's informative and entertaining, much like the fingerbutt procedure.