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Special Bulletin 11/18/05 - Exclusive Interview About the Xbox360 Launch!


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This is a Gamers Wth Jobs Radio Special Bulletin for November 18th, 2005! We just couldn't hang onto this until Tuesday, folks. Russ managed to score a last minute interview with a Microsoft insider about the Xbox360 shortage rumors. Crank up the iPod and hang on to your seats. What this expert has to say may shock you!


Woo, first comment. Fletch, looks like its going to be a breezy winter for you.

That was absolute genius!!!! I applaud both Fletcher and "Deep Flak" for temporarily shaking me from the grip of Civ4 and giving me a good laugh. Nice work!

I don't see what the big deal is. I'll often spend long periods of time talking about fruit. Well, I guess only the really special ones.

Thanks for always keeping us up to date on the latest inside info on everything.

well... that was an interesting way to end the night.

You know... maybe I'll have a vision of my own... [color=white]coyote[/color]

Great stuff as usual Fletch.

So if he gets this information by osmosis, what information could he gleam by going around and licking all the keyboards? Quick, tell him to get started! There's no telling what information he's missing!

Any podcast that uses fish taco gets bonus points in my book.



Arovin admits his dirty love of fruit! Film at 11!

Is there a word for more brilliant than absolutely incredibly mind blowingly f*cking brilliant? Cause that's what this is....more than that...and then some...plusplus.

So, Fletch, how do you like it? Schick, Gillette, or just a plain ol' blade?

That was hysterical. Good stuff. But I would like to hear more about this Operating system that makes coffee for me. I mean, really, I already have a wife to have sex with, but she makes me make my own coffee. I could definitely use help in that area.

Absolutly wonderful special broadcast. I was kinda hoping to hear the screams of Fletch shaving... but this works.

So who wants to place bets on who Deep Flak is? My money is on Sanjuro...or Mark Felt.

Could it be Sanjuro? I thought he got out of radio?

Sounds kind of ... Canadian to me. My money's on a certain CEO.

Rat Boy wrote:

So who wants to place bets on who Deep Flak is? My money is on Sanjuro...or Mark Felt.

Bill Harris?

I know who it is, and so far you're all wrong.

PS: It's not me. I have a voice made for silent movies.

Just a guess here but... Podunk? He did the music and sound effects so maybe he had a hand in bringing "Deep Flak" to the soundstage.

Survey says?


Then I change my vote from CEO to Radio Personality Not Named Sanjuro.


This show was gold! The return of the fish taco and "follow the money" made my day.

I'm going to guess Deep Flak's true identity is Gaald, aka Rob, since he's both Canadian and an actor.

Edit - beat to the punch!

SillyRabbit wrote:

Edit - beat to the punch!

Yeah, I get that a lot from women.

I'll say it's Sway just to throw people off.

I want that 10 mins of my life back please......That was the first radio download that sucked.

Deep Flak is Braehole! Way to try to thow us off dude.

lol,Damn it didn't work.....

I want that 10 mins of my life back please......

A) It was only 7:43.

B) You get what you pay for. Suck it up and deal.

Did I detect shades of Office Space from "Deep Flak?" I half expected him to claim to be a "people person"...