Stubbs the Zombie Contest! Win Prizes!


Stubbs the Zombie went gold today and we're celebrating with a GWJ contest to see just how well you can cater to the needs of our brain eating friends. So what do you have to do to win the Stubbs Prize Pack? It's quite simple my friends.


Create a product of any kind marketed towards zombies!

It could be anything you want! An excerpt from your "How to be a Zombie" manual, a new "eau du carcass" scent, a hard-rocking zombie song, special brain syphoning hoses. Anything! We'll gather up all the submissions and our panel of esteemed judges will go over them and pick the winner. But wait, just what is there to be won?

The Prize Pack

- A copy of Stubbs the Zombie for the Xbox, PC or Mac
- The Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrack
- A Stubbs t-shirt
- A stubbs poster

We'll even have some combination of one or two of the above prizes for 2nd and 3rd place!


To submit your entry simply email [email protected] before the deadline of October 17th! Do not post entries in the forums, email them!

About Stubbs the Zombie

Stubbs the Zombie is the upcoming Xbox, PC and Mac title that puts you in control of not only Stubbs the zombie, but all the other happless humans you turn into zombies too! With the recently announced split-screen coop for the Xbox version and excellent use of the Halo engine it's shaping up to be a great game. Read More for my views of the game at this year's E3 and you can visit the official site for more information too!

Stubbs the Zombie (Xbox, PC, Mac) - My first delightful surprise of the show came in the form of a shambling undead fella with a cigarette dangling out of his pallid lips. Stubbs the Zombie is an Xbox exclusive being developed on the Halo engine and its very charming  in a brain eating sort of way. You open the game attacking a farm full of citizens armed with pitchforks, front-loading rifles, machine gun emplacements and a tractor with sharp things affixed to the front of it. The idea is to smack a few farmers around, eat their brains and turn them into zombies so they can help you along. As your undead army grows they more or less take care of themselves but you can (and need to) help them along with aiding your plans by shoving them in the direction you need them to go.

For example, after hopping on a tractor and wreaking havoc in the farm yard I began shoving my new friend towards the house. As they assaulted the front door I snuck around to the side and bashed my way in to take the poor innocents by surprise. Its not all just undead fisticuffs and brain eating though; you also have some special maneuvers to help you along. You know this is the Halo engine the first time you rip a body part out of your chest and throw it at a hapless farmer, the physics and explosion radius are very reminiscent of a Halo grenade. Another tactic is to tear your hand off and take direct control of it. Your hand is vulnerable to attack but if you can sneak up behind someone with it you leap it onto their hands and take possession of the NPC. This means you get a chance to clear out some rooms with a shotgun which makes for a nice change of shambling.

I can see how the games strategy element will take it from a fairly straightforward zombie rush to actually making sure you use your undead hordes efficiently as you encounter some pretty devious puzzles and situations. Keep an eye out for this one!

- Certis


That's a pretty kickass wallpaper.

And I can't comment much on the contest, being a judge and all. But I personally can't wait to see the stuff you guys come up with. The last contest was a blast.

Stubbs looks alot like the Chairman of the Board if you ask me. Much like Sony Jesus, I find this offensive.

Zombies.... why did it have to be zombies......[/Indiana Jones voice]

Contests! YAR!

Please EMAIL contest entries to [email protected]!

Nei, I have yours on file here. Feel free to send something new or changed if you like. - Certis

You guys rock. It's like you listen to what people want, and stuff.

A quick rules question but how many times are you allowed to enter? I've got three cool zombie ideas that I'd like to submit.

I submitted my entry. This game sounds fun. Hope I get to find out... but then my PS skills (used GIMP actually) are lacking.

All I wanted to say beyond that is Brrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnssssss!

A quick rules question but how many times are you allowed to enter? I've got three cool zombie ideas that I'd like to submit.

Once. You get one entry.

And since I'm feeling good today:

Heres a Stubbs Blank I made for my entry!

Certis... why... you destroy my work of art... I spent day, even years cooking a pointless product that I could sell to the masses! I could have been rich but you snatched my idea and filed it!

Technically you didn't have to edit the post... it was merely a joke. Something to laugh at"… but if you think its good enough to be entered! Then be it"…

LockAndLoad wrote:

A quick rules question but how many times are you allowed to enter? I've got three cool zombie ideas that I'd like to submit.

Send me all 3. I'll pick the best one for you....and send it back to you...

Well I'm pretty sure my attempt at an entry just got me in trouble with my wife. Not in a big way, but still. If I don't win you'll never know.

I guess my long running advice column written from my zombie guarded estate would be all wrong? If it helps, the last time Winifred was seen, she'd been locked in the wine cellar by the zombies...


That guy looks like a zombified Frank Sinatra - pretty scary if you ask me!

Will we only get to see the winning entry?

I wish I was creative.. but I'm not.

I spent a good hour trying to think up something and came up with not a single thing


If anyone needs me I'll be locked away in my secret lair working on my idea.

Will we only get to see the winning entry?

No, we'll post a pretty good selection of them. It'll partially depend on how many were entered.

Certis wrote:

No, we'll post a pretty good selection of them. It'll partially depend on how many were entered.

Thanks, Uncle Certis!

Sent my entry in last night. Woot!