August 8th - 14th


Interesting week to look forward to here. First up we have Madden 2006 for every console under the sun. According to IGN, it's less impressive than last year's and shows no real improvement, hurray for exclusive licenses! Next up is Advent Rising for the PC which keeps getting delayed week to week, maybe it will actually ship this time. Our Game of the Week is Sacred Underworld, an expansion for the old-school Diablo-clonish RPG that managed to gather a decent following despite a buggy initial release. The new characters to play are the Dwarf and the Daemon, in addition to the existing six of Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Gladiator, Vampiress, Battle Mage and Seraphim. Here's hoping it's a solid, bug-free release!


This week on DVD we have John Cleese - Wine for the Confused, Kung Fu Hustle, Muppet Show: Season One and more!

Advent Rising (08/09)
Sacred Underworld (08/09)
Rhem 2 (08/10)

Madden NFL 06 (08/08)
Graffiti Kingdom (08/08)

Madden NFL 06 (08/08)

Madden NFL 06 (08/08)

Madden NFL 06 (08/08)
Dragon Ball GT: Transformation (08/09)

Madden NFL 06 (08/08)


Hmm. I wonder if there is a quality difference between the Muppet Show Best of and the newly released ones...
Google dont fail me now.

Doesn't look I will be picking up any new games until 8/22 when the DS variant of Advanced Wars hits.

You compare Sacred to Diablo - is as clicktastically RSI-inducing?
And RHEM2 caught my eye, so I had to go look at it. Never even heard of RHEM, but for Myst fans, it looks interesting. I wonder what a RHEM is.

You compare Sacred to Diablo - is as clicktastically RSI-inducing?

Unless I'm way off base here, you can hold down the button to attack.

On both games.

Is the PSP version of Madden 06 out also...

I may pick that up as I need something to play on my PSP

I noticed you mentioned Kung Fu Hustle is coming out on DVD this week. I recommend it heartily to everyone here. Crazy kung fu antics with cartoon physics. Fabulous.

Yes, Kung-Fu Hustle is simply delightful. I had a huge grin on my face walking out of the theatre.

I enjoyed Kung Fu Hustle immensely. Any recommendations on whether I should get my hands on the US or overseas release? (I fear no subtitle)

I'm not sure, but get a version of KFHustle with subtitles. I fear dubs, because no matter how well they're done, you can always tell, and that detracts from the experience, in my mind.

I just watched the overseas release with English subs last weekend. It works pretty well in widescreen. Yes, the movie kicked ass. The first 45 minutes or so were an absolute riot, and the film as a whole is just stunningly creative. I loved it.

I'll be picking up Madden for sure. Can't let the streak end at 12 years...

If you like Kung-Fu Hustle, you'll like Shoalin Soccer by the same director. That is, in case someone didn't already know about it. Both funny as hell.

Yeah, I picked up Shaolin Soccer long ago from a recommendation made here at GWJ. Good stuff for sure.

TheGameguru wrote:

Is the PSP version of Madden 06 out also...

I may pick that up as I need something to play on my PSP

Not yet...

Kung Fu Hustle is a must-have. That movie was awesome... I work all day tomorrow and I'm gonna make sure that the movie is playing all day.

And just for sh*ts and giggles, I'll post this here.
I just came back from my store's midnight release of Madden...
I had people in my store for a total of 12 minutes and we were open for 1 hour.