Welcome to Gamers With Jobs 2.0!


After months (and months) of toil Gamers With Jobs 2.0 is complete. We'll still be tweaking it as time marches on but the brunt of the work is done. Wait, let me rephrase that because I don't want anyone getting the crazy idea that "we" had much to do with it. The brunt of the work has been done... by Pyro. He has taken the basic Drupal system and spent months programming and tweaking it so that it would resemble the original site as closely as possible while taking advantage of all the new features and performance gains Drupal brings to the table. The amount of hours he has poured into this project with little to no help from outside sources is nothing short of astounding. We are incredibly lucky to have him on our side and he deserves every ounce of praise and credit we can pile on his lap. Thank you Pyro, without you the GWJ community wouldn't be anywhere near as awesome as it is today.

I'd also like to give a quick shout out to Azure Chicken who stepped up to the plate and bailed us out on making a bunch of art assets we needed for the theme. She too is awesome beyond measure.

If you click on "Read More" at the bottom right there you'll see the meager user guide I've written about how to navigate the new design. It's mainly full of the bare basics for now but we'll be doing a proper one soon with all the new features documented and how to use them. I hope you enjoy the new site design and bear with us as we tweak it up to a level we can all be happy with.

I don't know about you, but my withdrawal shakes are starting to ease a bit. Oooh... yeah.

How to Login

If you look there along the left hand side of the page you’ll see the login window. Just enter your usual username and password and off you go. If you don’t have an account yet, click on “Create New Accountâ€?

Changing Your Account Details

If you want to add a signature to your posts, a new avatar image or change your personal info/password you need to access your account page. To do so just click on “My Account� on the left hand side of the page. From there click on the “Edit� tab at the top and change your info.

Avatar images

In the My Account section you can now upload your own avatar image! Keep in mind it needs to be 85 X 85 or under in pixel size and under 30kb in file size. As usual, animated avatars are frowned upon so don’t go nuts.

If you had an avatar on the GWJ server that I uploaded for you it will still be there. If you were linking to an off-site avatar you will have to upload it through your profile now.


If you click on the forums link at the top of the page (or any forum topic on the left) you’ll get there. It’s pretty much like the old forums, the sections are listed as usual and when you click on a thread you can add a post at the bottom. The “commentâ€? box is where you enter your post and you’ll see some standard formatting buttons along the top.

How to Make a New Post

In any of the main forum sections you’ll see a “Post a new forum topicâ€? text link near the top. You’ll default into the “forum topicâ€? tab so all you need to do is enter your Title and the body of your message.

Private Messages

You can still send a receive Private Messages, just click on "view inbox" on the left hand side of the page.

GWJ Gaming News Feed

At the top of the page you'll see a link to Gaming News that will display the RSS feeds from various sites. So far we've only added GameTab's top ten news stories but we'll probably add more as time goes by.

Those are the basics! We’ll talk more about some of the new features soon.


Definitely looks great Pyro.

I'm more than a little glad it's actually back

Good job team. Ass slaps for everyone!

The new site design is so slick, I'm afraid I might just slide off it while posting.

Damn it I was going to say that.

Man, this is cool looking. Great job guys. Without GWJ I had noone to complain about the OC too. Now to go play around with the new site :D.

Edit: I'm going to commemorate this by creating a new avatar.

Group hug.

The site looks great! Thanks for all the hard work!

Great job! I love the new design.

The new site looks great. Big thanks to Pyro, AzureChicken, and any other GWJ techies who may have had a hand in it!

Very nice. Thanks for keeping the basic color scheme (echoing earlier comment).

Had a bit of trouble accessing the site this AM- too many users trying to get on?- but everything is hunky-dory now.

Woohoo, welcome back. I like the new digs!

Great job Pyro, the new site is gorgeous! In fact its so bright and shiny I need to go put on some shades to cut down the glare.

There, that's better.

Nice work Pyro.

Squeeee! It's back! It's back!

Time to check this sucker out.

Pyro, way to go!

Edit: you know, that "track" feature in the account section is great.. it was always a pain trying to dig up old threads. Very cool!

Pyro, Pyro, Pyro. What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Your mom.

Also, the site is now what we refer to around here as 'wicked fast.' Well-played, clerk. Well-played.

Looks great! Thanks for all the hardwork you all do for us to have a place to come complain/argue/discuss/etc.

It lives again!

*curtseys* You're welcome, you're welcome! Woo!

Great work man. Thanks !!


A tremendous piece of work. I applaud everyone who was involved in it, and, of course, major props to Pyro.

Well done. And good job coming in under budget....

What do you mean there's no budget!!

This just in...

Managers at hundreds of worksites across North America noted a leap in productivity numbers for the week ending 13 May 05. Says Gaston Day, head of the non-profit 'Manager's with Employee Work Issues' "We've no idea why the spike happened, but it really took a huge upturn the last two days of the week. We're cross-referencing all the job locations, but they are so diverse, that we can't find a common link. We're optimistic that this signals a new crossroads in employee work ethic, which can only benefit companies - but we are also realistic in that this whole thing could have been caused by something as innocuous as the moon's phase shift in relation to Pluto, or some damn gamer site being down. We just don't know!"

Stay tuned for further details on this hot news story!

Arrhh... I had to do actual work for two days!!! Do you know what this does to people...

...nothing, but I hope you happy!

Wow, what a beautiful piece of work this is! Thank you Pyro!

It's absolutely stunning on my work PC with a monitor display of 1024x768. At home on the big screen (1280x1024, I think) the font displays at something like a 4pt size and is nearly unreadable. It's my work PC that's my most used GWJ browsing tool anyway, so no worries if that's not a fixable item.

Nice job!

GWJ is back.

All is right with the world.

Nice work on the design. Simple and attractive!

slambie wrote:

Wow, what a beautiful piece of work this is! Thank you Pyro!

It's absolutely stunning on my work PC with a monitor display of 1024x768. At home on the big screen (1280x1024, I think) the font displays at something like a 4pt size and is nearly unreadable. It's my work PC that's my most used GWJ browsing tool anyway, so no worries if that's not a fixable item.

Nice job!

Certis has already whin... reported this one and I increased the font size just a bit. I think it's easier to read overall.

GWJ looks and feels really, really good. Great job!

Looks good Very nice!

Quick how-to question... I liked the old "Latest forum posts" at the top of the page with the "Who posted last, time they posted and a direct link to the latest post". Is there anyway to get that back? When I click the most active topics on the left of this page it brings me to the very first post everytime.


It only does that if/when there are posts in the thread that you haven't seen. It's a bit of a design flaw but if you do click on one that actually has new content (active != new), it should auto-scroll you to the new post... at least it does for me (and I've seen what you're describing, too, in the situation that I described).

Something about the new layout is making me queasy. I think it's that I'm having a hard time telling where comments end and signatures begin. It's not as easy to read as it used to be, and my old, tired eyes are suffering.