Don't Panic! GWJ 2.0 On the Way


The site will be going down this evening while we make the transition over to GWJ 2.0. Normally we would wait until the weekend to do this but weÂ've been such a burden on our awesome and very patient hostÂ's server lately (Tactical Gamer) that weÂ've wanted to get this sorted out as soon as we could. WeÂ're also committed to having everything mostly squared away for E3 and the extra traffic it may pile on us this year.

Because weÂ're taking care to transfer all the user accounts, post counts, donation status, old forum content, articles and comments over from the old Post Nuke system to a completely different Drupal setup itÂ's going to take extra time to get everything in place. Current estimate is the site should be back up by Thursday evening, maybe Friday if there are any hitches. WeÂ'll update the temp page if thereÂ's a delay.

Thanks to everyone who helped up test out GWJ 2.0 and thanks for your patience!


First Post!! Can't wait to see the new 2.0! I really don't know what to say I just want to be first.

Down? That is unacceptable. I pay ...whoops I don't pay a dime for this site. Ok go ahead.