Robear is a grizzled veteran of the P&C forums and he's got the sword to back it up. He also participates in "combat sports" to get his exercise, that usually means you wear a cup and get kicked in the jimmies (we miss you already, Billy) a lot. To each his own I suppose.

Read on for Robear's profile! If you don't, he might come after you. The eyes, the EYES!

Who the devil are you?

I'm a 42 year old Dad with an interest in many things - history, books, gaming, martial arts, computers (all the nerd stuff, I guess) and a wonderful wife and son. As well as the Sword O'Justice, pictured above. (Not to be confused with the Sword O'Vengenance, which took an unfortunate shape after I used it to hack down plants in the backyard. But we don't talk about that.)

What are you supposed to be doing during the day when youÂ're reading GWJ?

Working to help folks architect their computer systems for the work they are doing. I also answer questions, look into problems and do various presentations, demos and talks. In the past, I've been a contractor for DoD and various government agencies, taught computer stuff, been a UNIX/Windows sysadmin, a programmer, a travel agent, and a carpenter's helper. I'm working on Heinlein's list of things you should be able to do. The Sword stuff was a good start.

When youÂ're not working or gaming, what do you do with your time?

I try to keep learning Jow Ga, but it's hard for me to keep a regular schedule for some reason. Still, nothing better than combat sports to stay in shape, right? I read all the time, on the theory that a few pages is better than nothing, so I'm never without a book or newspaper or magazine. I have a small collection of swords and other weapons, I belong to a few groups with the aim of doing 1812 Marine historical interpretations, and I tinker with the computers in the house. I used to write game reviews and such, but now I have an outlet for my writing impulses. I also swing large metal objects about, periodically, and claim it's for exercise. I used to be a medievalist, but I got over it. Mostly.

How about family? Do you have any kids?

Yep, I have an 11 year old son who plays WoW with my wife and I. He's in the clans on Blackhand and Frostmane. All three of us game pretty heavily, mostly computer stuff but occasionally board or card games. Sometimes I bring out the Sword to solve disputes.

What was your favorite game over the last year or so? Why?

Well, the Sword is...No, wait, games. Okay.

Gotta be Rome Total War. Fantastic mix of boardgame style strategy and realtime tactical command. Flaming projectiles and pigs are a definite bonus. And of course plenty of...never mind, you know.

Which game are you looking forward to most?

Geez, hard to say. I guess Combat Mission II, when it finally arrives. So many of the games I really wanted came out in the last year - HoI2, RTW, Bull Run, WoW, JO, BFV, KOTOR II, Pirates, BiN and I'm sure others if I sit and think about it. Point is, it's hard to know what's left - I barely have time to touch these games with WoW and RTW and HoI2 eating my time. We had a really good gaming year for strategy and tactical games. Did you know you can use several types of swords in KOTOR?

What is your fondest gaming memory?

It's hard to say. Probably discovering that I could fly and fight in Morrowind. I loved going toe-to-toe with critters that could not reach me if I had to swoop to safety on the top of a nearby tower.

Finally, why do you play games at all? Why havenÂ't you outgrown them?

I've always played them. That's like asking why I have not outgrown breathing. They've been a constant hobby since I was a kid.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our hard hitting questions! Any last words?

Last words? Why, what are you planning?


You still there? Oh, wait, gotta go get the door...


Well met, Robear!

I look forward to playing some World at War PBEM with you!

That whole last words thing does seem rather threatening, doesn't it?

Whew. Now, whenever I find myself thinking about one of Robear's numerous, logical, and well-constructed P&C post's, I'll just chuckle softly to myself and reflect on the fact he's just a sword-wielding nerd like me.

What are those wisps of hair around the sides of your head? Do you have a ponytail?

Yeah, I never would have thought Ro had a sword fetish! Great Profile.

Reaper81 wrote:

Whew. Now, whenever I find myself thinking about one of Robear's numerous, logical, and well-constructed P&C post's, I'll just chuckle softly to myself and reflect on the fact he's just a sword-wielding nerd like me.

I believe his shank may be bigger than yours, Stabby McStab Stab.

If we ever need to assign GWJ-ers to impersonate founding fathers of the U.S., I nominate Robear to do Ben Franklin.

Nice, knidly, avuncular type. With a big smile and even bigger heart and a bigger yet sword. Just as I always imagined him!! BTW, people, if you click on his pic to see the larger shot in the gallery, you'll see that he's wearing a GWJ T-shirt. Represent!

Robear, does you son study Kung Fu, btw?

Podunk wrote:

If we ever need to assign GWJ-ers to impersonate founding fathers of the U.S., I nominate Robear to do Ben Franklin. :D


Glad to know ya Robearson. Although using a sword for weed-eating automatically disqualifies you from the "Right Tool for the Right Job" tournament.

Nice to meet ya in person (does this count? No? Oh well.) and don't let Fletcher1138 say that you can't be in the tournament. I used a hoe once to weed eat when I got so pissed off at the weed eater I was using.

I'll take Swords for 400, Alex.

Hehe, very goofy, not quite what I would have imagined Robear to look like, be seems like a jolly fellow, which is always good... not to mention, SWORDS! WOOOOOO!

KrazyTaco[FO] wrote:

I used a ho once to weed eat ...

You let your hos do garden work? That'll make 'em feel self important and get uppity, don't ya think?

That's why I used the word once. Had to slap her around a bit after that incident.

Well met and snazzy shirt! What's a medievalist, exactly?

I see you support the advancement of testicular cancer research... You slice 'em right off with your sword!!

I was expecting Robear's brain pan to be about four times as volumnious, just to keep that epic brain of his.
Not sure what to make of your stance in the photo though, your grip on that blade looks awfully firm in contrast with your amiable features. Cuddle or Parry?
That being said a real flamberge in the back is far more preferrable to one of his piercing verbal barbs in P&C; ouch the putdowns I've seen!

You really do look like Benjamin Franklin actually Robear, and I know that's probably a compliment to one as polymathic as yourself.

Glad to learn more about you Robear! When I first started lurking here I read P&C exclusivley (I'm a very casual gamer - 'sort of a gamer' would be more precise). I was thrilled to see you saying what was in my heart in a *real smart kinda way* with hard facts to back it up and everything. My first first post on P&C elicited the following attack: "HIPPIE!" - so then I decided I'd start studying Robear's technique and try to emulate his style should I post there again. I pulled out my old poli sci text books and have them stacked beside the computer at home now, but for the most part I find myself saying "yeah, what he said!"

Thanks Robear!

/clears throat: I used to be a very casual gamer, I'm now a WoW junkie. I'm even doing things like typing "/clears throat"...did I do it right?

Finally a first person here who does not have a gun!

Nei wrote:

Finally a first person here who does not have a gun!

Only at GWJ would a man wielding a sword make someone feel safer.

Hey! I don't have any guns... I've got practice swords, but that's about it. Of course, hitting someone with one would be like smacking someone with a long mace... I think... haven't ever had the need to test that out.

Propagandalf wrote:

Well met and snazzy shirt! What's a medievalist, exactly?

Someone who likes to get medieval on people's asses?

Just a guess!

Sadly my sword is foam covered and I haven't had a chance to wield it lately. I do open hand Kung Fu and hockey instead. I guess a hockey stick counts as a weapon. At least, it does in my hands

No guns here, either. I've fired a rifle about 10 times in my life and a shotgun once. Those things are loud!

It just hit me that Robear uncannily resembles my old Philosophy/Logic Prof. Heh, how fitting.

A psychic once told me that by the time I reach exactly your age Robear I'll have a son of exact the age of your son. Given how there's about 3 years left until the supposed moment of birth and I am single at the moment, I am guessing it will involve kidn... involuntary adoption.

Hmmm...random questions, random answers...

My son has done some KF in the past, but does not do it these days. Trying to interest him in it.

I only have one gun, but it's a muzzle-loading musket that has not yet been fired. It's mostly for carrying around at this point. Maybe when I get my 1812 Marine uniform assembled I'll post a pic.

Medievalists - people who attempt to recreate various medieval events for fun, with widely varying degrees of accuracy depending on the group.

Oh, and I do have a ponytail.

Well met 'ole buddy. Great profile.

I love seeing the faces of the GWJ. This was a great profile Robear. I would have never pictured you with a ponytail.

Good on ya mate!

I definitely love hearing more about GWJ lives!

*wonders why his profile wasn't as popular as Robear's"

Demosthenes wrote:

*wonders why his profile wasn't as popular as Robear's"

You would definitely produce more furor if you took a picture with your, umhh, glow-in-the-dark "lightsaber" in hands.

I should light myself on fire for mine.