By now we all know DuckiDeva and her many articles regarding gaming, sex and.. sex. But who is the man behind the woman? What makes him tick and why is it Deva puts up with him? Perhaps our little profile will shed some light.

He doesn't look like he's much help around the house. Read on for the profile!
Who the devil are you?

"He's just zis guy, you know?" Just a Gamer, though no longer WithJob. Oh, and I'm pretty opinionated, in case noone noticed.

What are you supposed to be doing during the day when you're reading GWJ?

Probably looking for a job. And playing with the Ducki Prince. When you're not working or gaming, what do you do with your time? Mostly just hangin' out. Going to the park, reading Dr. Seuss, watching Blue's Clues or Finding Nemo.

How about family? Do you have any kids?

Lovely Gamer Wife, adorable Gamer Kid that likes to make my Troll Shaman go "Boing!Boing!" and taking the "cat. bird. fly" flights in World of Warcraft. Did I mention that my wife likes to game, too? Nyah-nyah!

What was your favorite game over the last year or so? Why?

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, by a long shot. Nothing else even came close. I found GWJ around the same time the JO Demo came out and was able to trick... er, convince enough GWJers to buy the game and it's become something of an institution. I worry that WoW and EQ2 may siphon off a lot of the regulars, but it's had one hell of a run, and even if I'm the only one left, I can still have fun on the public servers tracking down the spawnsnipers. Shankshankshank!

Which game are you looking forward to most?

Well, World of Warcraft is the current obsession here, so I look forward to it the most in the sense of "I can't wait till the little one goes to bed so I can play." I look forward to Vampire Bloodlines the most because I know I'm getting it for my birthday in a week and who doesn't like being a vampire? Last, I look forward to the Call of Cthuulu game, due out in the next few months, simply because it looks like it'll be original in gameplay and faithful in content.

What is your fondest gaming memory?

Ah, I started young, so there are so many. Back before broadband, I was indoctrinated with things like Castle Wolfenstein, Wizardry, Raster Blaster, and Lemonade Stand on the Apple ][+ and Elite and Bard's Tale on the C64. To pick just 2 great memories, I'd have to go with 1)beating my dad at Intellivision Baseball as well as Football with scores that resembled basketball scores and 2)getting a triple lindy on Reaper81 recently with a Shank, a Claymore, and a Sniping all within about 10 minutes. Thanks Reaper.

Finally, why do you play games at all? Why haven't you outgrown them?

I think games are an integral part of being human. Everyone plays games of one sort, my poison just happens to be computer games. Someone here has that quote about growing old because we quit playing, and I think it's true. Or maybe it's just because they're fun.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our hard hitting questions! Any last words?

Defenestration, serendipity, onomatopoeia, discombobulate, plethora, callipygian, juxtapose, persnickety, kerfuffle, flibbertigibbet, shank.


Thanks, that's quite a family you have there! Glad that you 3 are part of the community!

Good to have you aboard you skalliwags.

How old is this interview? I doubt Ducki has played JO in a few months, but I could be wrong.

Nice profile, good to know ya Duck.

And Vampires is already out, too.

P.S. hope Ducki has already found a new job by now!

I hope my family turns out to be a gaming family, that would be AWESOME! You're a lucky guy duck. And you're featured in my sig, which is funny... but ya know.

Oh my god, DuckiDeva is married to Eric Clapton!

quack quack!

The profile is one of my back logged ones. One more to go I think and we'll try to keep them fresh from there on.

slambie wrote:

Oh my god, DuckiDeva is married to Eric Clapton!

You should see our wedding pictures, when he had waist length Robert Plant hair. And a van-dyke. We were *so*

And yes, the Duck has, since this was written, found a groovy new job. (Yay Ducki!)


God what a great word.

Yes, this reminds me: Ducki, you used to show up for JO without fail! Why hast thou forsaken us? in "The Defenestration of Prague"...ah, the good old days....

Nice profile!

I doubt Ducki has played JO in a few months, but I could be wrong.
Yes, this reminds me: Ducki, you used to show up for JO without fail! Why hast thou forsaken us?

Yeah, it's been since a week after WoW came out. We had 3 or 4 weeks there where our gaming desires for GWJ Thursday were taking a back seat to the tactical focus of TG. I just got tired of logging in week after week to not have fun. I'd much rather use WoW as a glorified chat engine than argue about game settings and try to explain that GWJ Thursdays are not all about tactics. Sorry I wasted $30 on the expansion. /shrug

And Vampires is already out, too.

Yep, got it installed and patched, just waiting for a bit more of the lustre to fade from WoW.

hope Ducki has already found a new job by now!

Yep, got a contract for a company that is building software that sounds really boring, but in fact, is really exciting to work on. And they made me an offer to go perm on the first day. Sweet.

Speaking of having a new job, I wonder if there's a way to prevent me from being allowed to post during work hours. Pyro should add a "Save me from myself" function to the user profiles. It's not like he has anything else to do for GWJ2.0.

Ducki. Things have changed with JO. Come back for a while and see for yourself. If you don't like it you can leave and I'll stop stalking you.

Judging by his disappearance from the forums, as well as by the picture above, I think he's hibernating for winter.

Honestly, I think I speak for everyone when I say we would have much rather gotten a picture of DuckiDeva.

Ducki, the JO nights really have changed. Thursday are better and Monday nights (with the late start) are even more informal -- I understand that not only does Jayavarman not wear his armor, he hasn't been wearing pants to the event either.