I was trying to dig up a few missing Employee Profiles (in fact, re-send your answers if I haven't posted yours yet!) and stumbled upon Sanjuro's which was sent in this past September. Why was it never posted? Was I harboring some secret resentment over his good looks and winning personailty? We'll never know for sure.

He even plays the guitar and sings for god's sake!

Who the devil are you?

I'm Fernando, known 'round these parts as Sanjuro. Whilst many folks have clever or unique handles, mine is just directly cribbed from the main character in Akira Kurosawa's films Yojimbo and Sanjuro. I'm a big fan.

What are you supposed to be doing during the day when youÂ're reading GWJ?

Well, since I donated 5 years of my life to the government doing military things, I'm just a tad bit behind on getting that college degree that all those potential employers seem so keen on me having. So I'm a 25-year-old college sophmore. Sometimes I feel like Rodney Dangerfield in 'Back To School.' I walk around campus and I'm amazed that I'm seven years older than a lot of my classmates. When I'm not at school, I'm a corporate meat slave, I mean, assistant store manager, at a GameStop here in San Diego. It pays the bills until I get that law degree, sometime around 2035.

When youÂ're not working or gaming, what do you do with your time?

You mean when my school/job/demanding girlfriend lets me? (just kidding babe. haha. that was funny, right? right? uh-oh) I play the guitar, I run (when my running muse wills it). I do a great golfer impersonation. I love cooking more than almost anything. I picked up surfing a few years back and I've skiied since I was a kid. I just made the switch to snowboarding last year and I found it to be a lot more fun than skiing, although that may just be the thrill of learning something new. I also read quite a bit; I enjoy history and contemporary fiction, particularly. I've been on a big World War I/Chuck Palanhuik kick lately. You'd be surprised how well that dovetails together.

How about family? Do you have any kids?

How about family? Mine's spread all over creation, but I love them all.

What was your favorite game over the last year or so? Why?

I'd love to say Beyond Good and Evil or Call Of Duty (because those were truly outstanding games) but nothing has been as much a timesink as ESPN NFL 2k5, which is downright pathetic after you look at my record.

Which game are you looking forward to most?

Evil Genius. Or SuperPower 2. I'm into world domination. It's a hobby.

What is your fondest gaming memory?

Playing The Legend Of Zelda on NES with my pops as a child. When my family bought that Nintendo it was ostensibly for me, but my dad beat Zelda more times than I did. That game became a cooperative effort for us, and I'll always remember it fondly.

Finally, why do you play games at all? Why havenÂ't you outgrown them?

Gaming holds a significant place in recreation. It won't replace exercise or reading or anything of the sort, but its far superior to the average Westerner's habit of coming home from work, sitting in front of the TV and disconnecting their brains. Games encourage thinking and decision-making, they engage you in a way that TV never will. If 'growing up' means changing my recreation from video games to watching Matlock reruns and knitting, then I'll go the Peter Pan route.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our hard hitting questions! Any last words?

GWJ and places like it are the Rotary Clubs or Moose Lodges of the future. And ours rocks. Vote Sanjuro for Grand Poobah. Next employee profile should be SwampYankee. I saw a picture of him with his dentures out once, it was hysterical.


San Diego, huh? Cool. I was brought up there. Lived in Pt.Loma, OB, PB etc. Surfed when they had balsa wood:)

Went to University HS, and did some post grad stuff at San Diego State (guess it's called a University now). Joined and played boardgames all night at UCSD. (Stellar Conquest).

Anyway, heard it's changed alot now, but still a heck of a nice place to live. Good luck on your degree and other pursuits (cooking is great activity!)

Oh, and I have a large collection of books I wish I could share with you on Military History.

He even plays the guitar and sings for god's sake!

Yes, but can he play guitar and sing AND play Halo 2 all at once? Consider the challenge issued, Sanjuro. =)

Sanjuro wrote:

Vote Sanjuro for Grand Poobah.

Quick, someone photoshop a Poobah hat on his picture.

Hey...Sanj is pretty cute. And he's clever. And edumacated. I say we keep him.

How about family? Mine's spread all over creation, but I love them all.

I hear ya. I've tried to spread my seed across the world as well.

He even plays the guitar and sings for god's sake

Yeah, well so does Kyle Turley!

Thanks for the window in your gaming and exciting (Confessions of a Gamestop employee?) life!

Now I'll let you trounce me in some Halo 2 to get some college exam stress off your chest!

DuckiDeva wrote:

Hey...Sanj is pretty cute. And he's clever. And edumacated. I say we keep him. ;)

Kind of scrawny though. What're they feedin' those soldier boys these days?

You said no teeth, I give you no teeth, and this is the payback I get?

You forgot "world's longets running PBEM game of CIV 3". Forgot in more ways than 1.

SwampYankee wrote:

You said no teeth, I give you no teeth, and this is the payback I get?

Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Weird that I didn't end up liking either of the two games that I said I was looking forward to back then.

Hey Swamp, do I have the turn?

Yes. Both I believe, although Alien is no doubt too nice to nag like I do.

I have both?!?! I dunno about that. Lemme check.

Oh sh*t. I do have both turns.


Thank you Edwin... Now do it with the picture on the forums too!

Not now. Client's laptop just died on me in my hands so now I'm going ape sh*t trying to retreive the data from the laptop. Yay for dead screens and dead vga ports!

Edwin wrote:


"I love you, Homer."

Hey boy, stop peeing in that river! Oh, whew. You're quite the renaissance man, Sanj. Good profile.

One smooth character he is, our Sanjuro!

Sanjuro is THE man. Not a man, THE man. We must revisit our H2 winning streak in the near future

And it's good to see you have some healthy interests besides gaming. Rock star!

Nobody plays a G chord with quite the vivacity and feeling as our Sanjuro. Except maybe the guy next to him. Yeah, he's feeling it. You can tell because their eyes are closed. That means "I'm feeling it." Or, equally likely, "there's a really tubby guy dancing in front of the stage."

I think it was gas.