IGF '05 Previews


I didn't have much time for frontpage content in the past months, but things are slowly getting back on track and I should have some more time for gaming again in the near future. Nevertheless, I'd like to use this opportunity to point out a great feature DIY-Games and GameTunnel have partnered for. They wrote down brief previews, introducing all 81 games that are running in the Independent Games Festival 2005 Competition. Shedding a light on titles like the adventure The Witch's Yarn, which is...

... quite unlike any other game at the festival. It plays more like a book or a play than a game, and provides a very innovative game play that will likely get this game noticed. In the game you don't control a character as you typically do in video games. Instead you queue actors into the story.

Curious? Well, the other entries aren't uninteresting either and cover the full range from arcade shooters up to puzzle games. Not to mention the obligatory Break-Out clone! Fight spammers in Base Be Gone or control space battles in Chain of Command. Slitherine - we had a little chat with them a while ago - submitted their online strategy project Legion Arena, GWJ's platform darling Gish also happens to be among the contestants. Again. I highly recommend browsing through the articles at DIY-Games and GameTunnel as you will stumble over a number of unique and remarkable games you may have overlooked or not heard of at all otherwise.


The Witch's Yarn sounds very cool, however your link doesn't work. Here's the right link


Whoopsie. Fixed that. Gracias.

Witch's Yarn does sound cool.

Keep us updated on those Europeon games we never hear about on this side of the pond, Spunior. I've ceased to let the lack of a US distributor get in the way of my gaming needs/wants and am always on the look out for gems that don't make it to US store shelves.

Slambie, how about not giving away that copy of Gothic II and playing it instead?

LOL. It's on my list! This 3rd copy I bought is a keeper.