A Call for Writers


For a multitude of reasons the front page has been a little light on
the content lately. WeÂ're hoping that will settle out come January but
IÂ'd rather bring one or two new people on board and get moving sooner
than later. Typically when we want new writers I put on a cape and
stalk the prospective new employees until they fold under the pressure
of my intense, creepy gaze. This time is going to be different however,
this time I want anyone interested in seeing their name on the front
page to submit an article to me. The requirements are pretty simple:

1) You have to be able to write once a week
2) You canÂ't cry if we donÂ't pick you
3) It can be anything from editorials to reviews

ThatÂ's about all there is to it. You read the site, you know what we do here so feel free to send in your articles and IÂ'll get started on crushing your hopes and dreams. I mean, considering your works.

*Update* I'm going to be going
over submissions over the weekend and early next week with Elysium. If
you want to be considered make sure you have something in my mailbox by
Sunday at the latest!


Wow, some really strong submissions have been coming in. Keep 'em coming.

See, Certis, I told you they weren't all hapless boneheads.

That hapless bonehead thing was directed at me, wasn't it? Look, I've got a large forehead, okay? And yeah, I got no hap. Wanna make something of it? Do ya? Huh?

***edit*** And I can't spell. But written language is sooo overrated...

Submission sent, 100% smiley free

I can post a weekly list of the motherf***ers that have pissed me off and will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. I'll call it "Fear and Loathing in Cyberspace". Sound good?

Oh yeah? You just made the list.

It was time for a new signature line... Thanks Swampy

Elysium wrote:

See, Certis, I told you they weren't all hapless boneheads.

Law of averages would say only half of us are boneheads. I'm pointing my finger at everyone else as I say that, of course.

Elysium wrote:

See, Certis, I told you they weren't all hapless boneheads.

I am rubber and you are glue...

Submitted mine! I hope it at least makes it for random article for the site. If not I'll put it on the forums. I at least got a laugh from it.

Welp, I just submitted a product review. I hope they like it well enough to use it.

Damn, you guys have not made this easy on us at all. I can think of at least six submissions that were as strong and professional as I've seen in the industry. Nice work!

What will you do with the runner ups? I'm curious to read what other people have to say on different subjects.

Maybe you can post the 2nd best entry on the front page, even though he/she won't be officially on board with the GWJ crew, kind of a one time consolation prize.

Sunday? As in, yesterday? Man, I need to check out the front page more often.

Still a chance I could get something in, or did I miss out? I was thinking we'd have at LEAST a week for this.