Nov 29th - Dec 5th


IÂ'm going to level with you people, itÂ's my birthday today and working during this momentous occasion is considered illegal in five provinces and thirteen US states. That being the case IÂ'm going to tell you that Prince of Persia 2 is getting good reviews, itÂ's coming out on all platforms at once (PC included) and itÂ's our Game of the Week. Some other games I can see worth mentioning are Galactic Civilizations Deluxe, Armies of Exigo and D-Day all for the PC. Now if youÂ'll excuse me I have to get ready for bed, I expect to have breakfast in the said bed tomorrow morning and then I plan to play WoW all day with my wife. She knows the law as well as I do.

On DVD this week weÂ've got the DirectorÂ's Cut of Daredevil, Hero, Spider-Man 2 and more.


Happy Birthday fellow Canadian

Happy Birthday. May it be filled with Liquor, Pomp and Alvis time miracles.

Thankfully, there's nothing that floats my boat this week. Only Battle For Middle-Earth next week and I'm done for the year!

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday! Hope that it's more enjoyable in Azeroth, than on earth.

Wow, just think - if you were in the USA, you could potentially be looking at a FIVE day weekend! Happy Birthday!

Can't wait for Spidey 2 DVD!

Happy Birthday Certis!

Have a great day, Certis!

I'll be picking up Prince of Persia 2 for the PC this week and with any luck that elusive instant classic, Konung 2, will actually hit store shelves on tomorrow as well.

Happy Birthday Cervix!

Feliz cumpleanos, Certis.

I gave him his present early. He beat me like a gong in NFL last night. I know, I know, no surprise, and I didn't do anything different, but it was a nice cheap lst minute gift.

I hope you have a great b-day, evil one!

Happy birthday! Only a few days before mine. ^_^

Happy Birthday!

Happy.. oops.. now-belated birthday Certis, I hope you get some killer presents

Ha! Your ICQ profile DOES contain your correct birthday! I knew it!

Happy Bithday Certis!

Wow, there's a director's cut of Daredevil? What the hell for?

Oh, and Happy Birthday Certis!

Happy B-day Certis!

Ha! Certis has the same birthday as my mother!

Hopefully not the same year

Happy belated b-day my friend... Long Live the great Cervix...

Oh um... belated happy birthday! Kind of skipped the first line.