GWJ Has Moved!


As I'm sure some of you may have noticed (if your ISP hasn't caught up with the change yet) GWJ has switched to a new host. has been kind enough to offer us some server space so we can continue to grow the site and re-enable GameCal. There are still a few glitches since they use some newer versions of hosting software but Pyro and Apophis (from TG) are working hard on getting everything back up to 100%. Huge thanks to TG for taking on the site and we look forward to working with them in the future! I'd also like to thank POE Hosting for all their hard work and support since we launched the site. They put up with a lot of our growing pains and in the end we simply got too big for our own good.

A couple notes. GWJ 2.0 is still in development and with any luck we'll see it by the end of the year. is a temporary address while DNS issues settle out, will be back up and running in a few days.


Woohoo! Thanks tacticalgamers!

*gives gamecal a big hug*

Thanks to TacticalGamers for hospitality!

P.S. This place is so low-rent!!

Very nice!

And so fast to.

Thanks TG!

Thanks TG!


Yeahhhh TG!!!!!!

Wow, that's twice that TG has come to our rescue! Thanks guys and gals!