Time for a Bio Break


I think what allowed me to stop playing the original Sims was the realization that I was spending a lot of effort keeping my Sims diligent about their chores, all while my entropy was turning my own domicile into primordial soup. Perhaps it was more of a chili. It matters little. I've been playing Sims2 occasionally and I'm feeling confident that it's similar enough to the first that it won't hook me anew. It is, however, new enough to warrant a thorough exploration. Some of the new events and animations are very amusing and I'm glad I decided to check it out.

Hmmm. In other news, this is likely my last post at GWJ. This place is incredible and I've had more fun than anyone really has a right to without getting a hangover. I just wanted to thank Certis and Elysium for making room at the table for me. I'd like to thank the rest of GWJ staff, Pyro, Spunior, ColdForged, Hoochie and 1Dgaf for raising the bar with every post. And I'd sure as hell like to thank you readers and forum folk, even you lurkers, don't think I don't see you back there in the shadows. My Xbox Live buddy list is a who's who of smart and funny gamers who actually like to play games. That, alone, is proof enough that GWJ is a success and is only getting better. I'll always keep a special place in my attic for all of you. Wow, that sounds terrifying if you don't know the context, huh? If you don't know it, just ask, someone will point the way.

IL Comic


Last post or last cartoon?

Are you finally starting GWG?


/me chases after Sway


In other news, this is likely my last post at GWJ.

I feel distinctly unsatisfied by the lack to information in that line.

Your weekly Infinite Lives posts will be missed, Sway. Still hope to see you around the forums, though.

/salute Sway

Wait, where you be going?

Well Sway, I have to say it's tough losing you and your delicious comics. You're leaving on a real high note though, these past few months have seen some of the very best you've ever done! Thanks for churning out some of the most unique stuff this site has ever seen and good luck with your new project plans. There's always room at the table anytime you're feeling inspired.

Whooooo big guy!
You think you're gonna leave just like that without even asking permission and telling us why?

No way oh Sway!

What the? Sway, leaving? Why? Where? Who do we have to kill?

This... this just doesn't make sense! Why? why!? I've noticed a decreased presence by Sway recently, but I thought nothing of it. What ever could cause such a departure? Will you still poke your head in the forums now and again?

If he starts a website I am there!

I agree with Slambie? Give us the info, why are you leaving and are you going anywhere else?

What the creeping hell? That's it, I'm not eating ([size=7]pickled herrings[/size]) until I find out more!

Sway's leaving because he's got to spend some time getting used to being in a wheelchair; he broke both his legs in a DDR accident.

I told him not to try the Euro-pop on 'hard', but would he listen? Would he? No!


Keanu wrote:


And just recently I was hoping we're going to get to see some more comic strips with that freaky birdy-thing. Hope you'll be around nonetheless. The thought of no new Infinite Lives in the weeks to come really hurts. I didn't comment on many of them, but I basically enjoyed every single one. Same for the other articles you provided.

Sorry about that. I guess that sounded a little more ominous than I intended it to. I'm not going anywhere. GWJ certainly isn't being removed from my Mozilla tab-list, and you'll still see my name in the forums. I'm stepping down from my comic here to begin work on a new project that's totally unrelated to gaming. I'll certainly let you know when I have something for you to see. Hell, I'll be milking as many eyeballs as I can from this site. Mmmm...eyeball milk.

I'm stepping down from my comic here to begin work on a new project that's totally unrelated to gaming.

Sounds great. Consider me interested already at this point. Good luck with your plans!

I hear it goes well with Deep-Fried Oreos.


The man's powerful, seething satire has irked one too many of the powers that be! The number of threats he'd receive grew after each new provocative and groundbreaking comic strip would shake the very foundations of contemporary gaming lifestyle. Now he's being forced to step down -- into an exhile, in fact!! Expect to hear of the usual "creative differences" and "nevertheless amicable departure", but you all know what that means!! You heard it here first!!

Sway's too powerful, seething satire has irked me! The number of threats I've sent grew after each new provocative and groundbreaking comic, though he seemed to think he was shaking the foundation of blah de blah de blah. So, I'm shoving him down. Also we had creative differences.

Or actually, this is a huge loss for us. I don't know if anyone else will come right out and say it, so let me. Sway was the most multi-talented among us, able to write, draw, and be both funny and thoughtful all at once. We'll never replace him.

I'm proud to have lost to you in the GWJFL, Sway. Good luck in your new endeavors. Hopefully you will still have time to bop into the forums now and again.

At least we got 2 (totally awesome) episodes of Frog and Stork before he stopped drawing the comic.

Sad to see it stop. Good Luck.

Man that threw me for a loop. Well Sway thanks for everything. I hope your new project turns out great.

I'll miss IL on Friday's, but good luck on your new project, Sway.

I was getting worried, but now I see you'll still be in the forums.

Good luck with you new project.



Big DOUBLE DOG DO'H! You and your comics will truly be missed Sway. They're gold, gold I tell ya! Of course we understand if you feel you need to re-direct your time, but please reconsider!!

Good luck on your new project.

I'll wear your space invaders comic with pride! On the GWJ T-shirt that is. I'm not getting a tattoo of your comic, or anything. I mean it's great and all, but...



Seriously, this was my reaction. I love the comics and I hate to see them end, but if you gotta move on, you gotta move on. Good luck on your next project and be sure to let us know what's up!

Betraying usses he is! Filthy Swayses! We needs our preeeeecious comicses!

Hope your next big thing works out as well as your stint as the 'toonist-in-residence, Sway.

He's like the John to Certis's Paul, Elysium's George, Pyro's Ringo, Spunior's Yoko, Coldforge's Clarence, and 1DGaf's um...Bert.

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