I'm Like, Drivin'.


I don't have much to say about that game where you race and smash things up that hasn't already been said. It's great fun to finally be able to take those turns wide, crushing another racer into a concrete abutment, and not having to apologize. While playing Project Gotham Racing 2 on Live, a discussion would inevitably occur regarding everyone's definitions of "clean racing". It was all so much applesauce, because the fact was, we were playing a videogame that didn't much punish you when you redirected the course of another into a guardrail, whether intentional or not. No matter how eloquent and persuasive your defense of "clean racing", somebody was still going to make a Ferrari sandwich out of you. And when that happened, you had better be hosting the race, because nobody else is really going to care when you start whining. Now, thanks to EA's little racer, not only am I no longer subjected to whiners getting tapped on their bumper, but I can exact my revenge when I'm the victim. And I assure you, I am always the victim. Of course, this is all pending one's ability to actually play the game on Live.

In the forums I made this joke where I said "Challenge Everything? Indeed. More like Everything's a Challenge!" Hahahaha. Get it? Did you see how I flipped the script there? Oh man. Priceless, right? If you guys want to use it, I'm totally cool with that.

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Great one again! I think that's about how I'd feel (minus the haze maybe) if I tried to play one of them thar racers I am SOOOO not good at race car games

This comic is rated M for mature themes.

I think marijuana is T for Teen. If it was like, crack or something, that's M. Anything found in Rick James' blood is M. Anything found in Dave Chappelle's urine is T. That's a good rule of thumb.

M-balming fluid?

edit: to sustain illusion of wit.

M-balming fluid?

edit: to sustain illusion of wit.

Bah. The first one was funnier, man.


oh my lord that is clifford the big red dog.

This is why I don't like racing games unless I can kill the opponents. That way, we all know what's really going down. Get between me and a guardrail and it's smashing time. Plus, I'm not very good at racing.

Thanks 1D.

Hats off to Sway, that guy speaks directly to my inner hippy.

Burnout 3 is so much damn fun, especially on Live, but you are right Sway - everyone is stoned, or sounds stoned, when you play on Live. Maybe it's because I'm usually playing late and stoners don't sleep, because they don't have jobs, or something. I didn't even bother plugging in my headphones when I jumped on last night. One, because of the poor conversation factor, and two because the game can invoke some serious "OOOH MOTHER#&*%@! GOD#&$**%!!!" moments.

Hey Sway, I want my bong back!

Twisted Metal:Black is still the best racing game I have ever played. So glad I bought a 2nd controller and brought it to university.

I suck big time at racing games too but i like the adrenaline. Since 1996 i've been playing games and never had enough no matter it was called dyna starcraft wow or whatever.
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