Mr. Mojo Risin'

Terror of the NFL 2K5 league, leader of Team Republican and uhhh... wearer of blue shirts. Yes, JohnnyMojo is the first profile in our new batch of victims. What makes this man tick? Read on to find out!

Who the devil are you?/>

I am the Conservative Overlord. Sheesh. mean outside the P&C forums. Got it. My name is Rob, I am 34, and I live in Atlanta, GA.

What are you supposed to be doing during the day when youÂ're reading GWJ?

I am Director of Product Management for a security software company here in Atlanta. I am supposed to be doing things like writing requirements, talking to customers, doing market research, supporting sales, etc. I am actually doing most of those things except when someone says something that raises my ire in P&C.

When youÂ're not working or gaming, what do you do with your time?

There is something to do other than work or game? From August-January, I spend about 20 hours a week watching football (Thursday night games! Woo woo!). I watch 3-4 college games and 2-3 pro games a week. I also play a lot of football on Xbox...oh, wait....NOT gaming...

I read a lot, and give my Tivo(s) fairly big workouts, given that (other than sporting events) I rarely watch TV when the show is actually on.

I play racquetball, go to the gym, and typically have a pretty big honey-do list every week.

How about family? Do you have any kids?

Happily married, and expecting our first baby this February.

What was your favorite game over the last year or so? Why?

Hmm, toss up between Prince of Persia and Knights of the Old Republic. I hate it when people give multiple answers to a question that wants just one, but I played PoP for several days in a row and actually finished it, which makes it one of the two games I finished in the last 12 months. I actually like KotR a little more, but am only about 1/2 way through it.

Which game are you looking forward to most?

For me, the better question is 'Which game will you buy and actually break shrink wrap on within a month of purchase?" I buy a ton of games and they sit there lovingly, waiting on me to play them, sometimes a year or two down the road.

The game most likely to get opened and played the minute I buy it in the short term is Fable. Long-term, it is most definitely Jade Empire (which I will play halfway and then let hibernate, then pick back up, forgetting the story and having to start over).

What is your fondest gaming memory?

Another tough one. Probably Ultima VII...with the voice pack (on an extra 4 floppy disks). The first time my Avatar went to sleep and the Guardian spoke to me was one of the first 'Wow, I think I just soiled myself' moments in gaming. More recently, I would give it to Ico. I loved Ico. The art, the animations, the elegance of the puzzles...I think I need to go play it again...

Finally, why do you play games at all? Why havenÂ't you outgrown them?

Didn't you feel the raw emotion when I was talking about Ico!?!? Sheesh. Are you dead inside?

I think that games and books the two things that I enjoy that also keep my mind active and sharp. I enjoy the competitiveness of online games, particularly RTS or sports games. I enjoy the worlds and stories of a good RPG. But most of all, I love the occasional 'Oh wow' moments that a good game evokes.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our hard hitting questions! Any last words?

I'll send the photo in an email. I don't want to be "Rat boy'd"


Ah, so this is the guy dropping everyone one by one in the Football League. Yep, I hate him already. Actually, congrats on the baby, Mojo.

There, that was congenial enough.

For a minute there, I read that as enemy profiles.....I keeed.

Anyway, good job at making 'mojo seem human.

Congrats on the kiddo, by the way.

Now, why is there no liberal overlord? Or is overlording anathema to the liberal platform?

Hmm, somehow "bow to your liberal overlord" just doesn't have the same ring.


So JMJ is not Bill O'Reilly?

Ah, so now I can picture the face those tears stream down as my Chiefs spank the Broncos - in non league games, of course!

Congrats on the incoming Jr. Gamer, JMJ.

Are there openings in your Conservative Overlord cabinet? I'd like to apply for Minister of Propaganda.

Congrat's on the baby in the oven. I suggest you get ready for her/his arrival by subjecting yourself to sleep deprivation.

man JMJ you don't even look conservative sheesh ;).

congrats for joining the waiting room to the "gamers changing diapers" club.

As I told CEJ years ago...(its a tip from me, your uncle earl) there are only so many hours in a day. Toss in gaming, wife honey-do's, kid duty, work, conjugal visits and sleep....and well...somethings got to give...I gave up on more than 5 hours sleep years ago...It just bloody well got in the way.

I still remember playing Warlords with my oldest daughter asleep in my left arm as a baby (keep the right free for mouse use, jam your hand the desk drawer so it doesn't fall asleep) and poof...your good to go!

Also...for the Conservative Overlord Cabinet...Oooohh...pick me too...

I'd like to apply for Secretary of Defense. I'll have a tough time working with Swampy from what might be NY...but like you, I bring the realistic 'southern' point of view, and I'll help bring in line the tons of economic and political 'girlie men' out there regardless of race, creed, sex or country of origin!

Second choice would maybe be Secretary of State...foreign and military experience you see - (Oh...and went to I've got the home cookin' Atlanta connection on my side!)

Congrats on the soon to be (Very) Young Republican, Johnny!

man JMJ you don't even look conservative sheesh Wink.

What are you talking about?

That beard? Those glasses? ATLANTA?

'scuse me whilst I whip out this banjo..

That is some badass miniature golf course you're hanging out at.

conjugal visits

Wait we get conjugal visits?

Oh by the way congrats on the new baby and thanks for helping me out with some football pointers. Thanks to you I've actually caught myself watching real football and enjoying it.

I always imagined JMJ wearing a top hat with tails and wielding a cane with a massive diamond head, which he would use to smite the unworthy and prod the wicked.

Nah you're just like I imagined you would be... minus the bandoleer. :p

Oops forgot the *gratz*!

Only 18.5 years until the kid moves away to college. Mark that calender!

I guess I don't spend enough time (read: none) in P&C, because I will always think of JMojo as that cute little taru in FFXI.

Congratz on the new addition Mojo!

Ahh the face behind those haunting defeats in NFL2K5. The man behind my agonizing self doubt and fear of defeat. He has a beard - oh the shame. Can conservatives have beards these days?

Edit: Congrats on the JMJ Jr. - mini me's are the best :).

Man, JMJ on that backdrop looks as if the whole picture is lifted straight from GTA3:VC!

Congrats to you and your honey for the incoming little one! Today our own baby turned 11 months old, and I can't describe how much happiness he brought into our life. I envy you a bit BTW -- I bet you're getting to see him (or her?) on these new fangled 3D sonograms.

That picture was taken at the Atlantis hotel. I went there for a 30 man bachelor party - that may be the best hotel I've ever been too. Anyone else get there?

Cool to finally see more profiles again!

I can't speak to the NFL defeats, but let me tip my non-existent hat to our conservative overlord. Congrats on the future Mojo Jr. as well!


Congrats on the impending arrival! Hope all is well- my wife just hit 6 months and is not a happy camper. The fact that we have started childbirth classes (two hours of the instructor telling all the women how they are in for 9 hours of soul-shattering pain) isn't helping matters any either.