Back By Personal Demand


Due to the overwhelming number of requests I made to myself, I have brought back two beloved characters for another performance. My Game Cube (aka GCN) hasn't seen much use lately. I poured about 40 or 50 hours into Tales of Symphonia before the siren song of NFL 2K5 lured me back to my X. It's not even like I have to unhook one console to play the other, either. I can push two buttons and be back in Cubeland. However, Nintendo seems to be in its software slump for the time being. Where is that big N that I saw at E3? Glancing at the upcoming releases I see such tour-de-forces as Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies, Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums, PSO Episode I & II Plus (again?), Bad Boys: Miami, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. BTW, what's up with the requisite colon in all videogame titles? Remember when the colon used to be the most feared object of punctuation? Nobody really knew how to use it. All you knew was when you dropped a colon into a sentence you had to chuck in a few semicolons to keep it fed. Now it's used as the divider between a franchise about which you don't care and a plot-line that probably should have been left unexplored. Where was I? Oh yeah, I need to buy Pikmin 2.

IL Comic


But I thought the sock was MY bestest friend... Friends stealing bastard!

Oh yes I will kill the frog on overalls.... EVIL!

Where was your continuity guy when that strip was done?

These strips always -- well, for the two that exist in the world -- leave me a little quivery in the midsection. Subtley unsettled as it were. I think its the teeth.

These strips always -- well, for the two that exist in the world -- leave me a little quivery in the midsection.

As long as they don't give you an erection, the world is safe.

All I can say is


What animal is this (the one that talks to his sock in this strip)?

Speaking of GCN, Donkey Konga is coming out in two weeks. This cheesy rhythm game where you need to bang a drum controller in sync with scrolling icons in a DDR fashion. Add 3 more controllers for an ultimate party game experience.

Yeah... what the cat said!

Maybe 33-0 was how badly Sway beat, or got beat by, another GWJer and it was supposed to be a secret jab/salute? WTF?

Or is it just there to make everyone go WTF?

Encore! My favourite bit is the way you show the birdy's surprise in the last frame. And the "smacka".

The strip needs a "dripping with sexual overtones"-dotted line though.

Perhaps it's that suggestion of a pustulous goiter on the vaguely reptilian/amphibious (as opposed to the vaguely avian) thing. No, it must be the teeth.

I'm with Lord_Xan. I love it.