Sept 6th - 12th


ThereÂ's been a lot of good buzz following Burnout 3: Takedown to the shelves. Published by EA after running away from the now defunct Acclaim, itÂ's looking to be an excellent jump for the series. The Xbox and PS2 versions ship today for $49.99 and by all accounts it should be a winner if you like cars, speed and glorious slow motion crashes.

This week on DVD youÂ'll find Angel: Season Four, Jersey Girl, Jim Henson's The Storyteller - Greek Myths, The Punisher and more!

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Platform: PC, Xbox, PS2
Ships: Sept 7th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: You know what Silent Hill is, you know it terrifies you. DonÂ't even bother you big sissy.

Kohan II: Kings of War
Platform: PC
Ships: Sept 7th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: Wait for reviews. I know, I know, itÂ's Kohan but the new 3D engine is making fans nervous and beta tester buzz has been all over the place.

Guilty Gear X2

Platform: Xbox
Ships: Sept 7th
Price: $19.99

The Buzz: More Guilty Gear, this time on the Xbox.

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My Burnout 3 is already paid for and will be crashing this Wednesday!

If you even remotely like 2D fighters check out GG X2.. I'm reading the Live online fighting is very smooth and lag free..

At $20 its a great pickup

Burnout 3...

I'll be picking up the new Guilty Gear X2. Online play is just something I can not resist at $20.

Too bad Kingdom Under Fire got delayed, I was rather looking forward to that one.

Mmmm.. Burnout 3 for me.

You should already know what I am grabbing. For those that don't know its Burnout 3. Checkl me out so I can take you down in pants free fashion.

Burnout 3 for president!

Gamespot review is up:

And like everyone else so far, they really like it.