The Week Ahead August 23rd - 29th


After spending some time with the Rome: Total War demo I almost want to name it game of the week but I suppose that would be cheating. Instead the honor goes to Viewtiful Joe for the PS2, now with more Dante! It ships on the 24th for only $29.99 and includes the ability to play with Devil May Cry's Dante and see a bunch of new stuff in the process.

On DVD this week we've got Ella Enchanted, The Girl Next Door (good!), Law of Attraction and more.

Maximum Underworld
Platform: PC
Ships: August 24th
Price: $19.99

The Buzz: This is actually a compilation of Max Payne and Mafia. Both solid games and if you haven't played it yet, Mafia is easily worth that price on its own.

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction
Platform: PS2, Xbox
Ships: August 24th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: What buzz? I know it's a crashin' car game but the only review I can find is a high score in GamePro magazine.

Amazing Island
Platform: Gamecube
Ships: August 24th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: I'm immediatly granting this game the Worst Cover of the Year award, congradulations! Made by SEGA, this mini-game laden monster building game looks to be geared towards a younger audience.


After Devil May Cry 2, Dante = not welcome on my television.

Where did you get Rome TW demo? Can't find it anywhere...

Where did you get Rome TW demo? Can't find it anywhere...

One of our readers happens to work for a game shop and they got demo discs in today (err... Sunday) and was kind enough to hook me up. You'll get it soon enough!

"Yo Yo Yo man, wassup wassup wassup!! Do you want me to loan you a motorcycle?"

Can't wait to play VJ2.

Another DVD of note is Shaolin Soccer.... woohoo!

Bring on September!