August 16th - 22nd


This week's release list is so limp I've decided to call it Elysium Week. Hot Shots Golf FORE, Alida (Myst rip-off) and Astro Boy just to name a few of the exciting titles waiting for you in stores. There is one game worth noting so I will do just that, notes away! Ghost Hunter has already been released elsewhere in the world and by all accounts it's a decent 3rd person ghost hunting game. It ships on the 17th for the PS2 at the pricey price of $49.95.

Where is that damn green plumber?

On DVD this week we have Connie & Carla, Goodfellas, New York Minute, Taking Lives and more!


All I have seen are the really pretty CG stuff on the tv reviews on this one. Looks nice, but I will have to rent to make sure it doesn't crap out. really can't beat the metrosexual hero types....sigh.

Yeah, it's finally Elysium week, the bestest week of the whole year! I knew my day would come.

How do we celebrate Elysium week? Do I have to grow a beard?

Ooh War Stories with Jeff Goldblum coming August 17th!

Hmm, the main character has traditional anime spikey hair. Sorry Ghost Hunter, you lose at what I like to call "Win Pyro's Money".

Lets not forget "Love, Sex, and Eating the Bones"

Yeah it sounds horrible but I liked the title