August 2nd - 8th


Despite the insane and obsessive searches some of us went through it looks like Doom III has still eluded most gamers. Best guess would be Tuesday for most people having a copy of the game in their sweaty paws. You'd never guess what our game of the week is..

On DVD this week we have 13 Going on 30, Hildalgo (Woo!), season one and two of Sliders and more. Read on to see what's coming to the consoles!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
Platform: Xbox
Ships: August 3rd
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: Mmmmm.... cash grab. I'm sure it will be chock full of more of that Rainbow Six 3 gameplay you love. One new feature is objective based multiplayer modes for Live play. Capture and Hold and CTF!

Platform: Xbox
Ships: August 3rd
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: Made by the creator of Tomb Raider, this long delayed 3rd person adventure game as suffered some massive delays over the years. We'll see if it amounted to anything worthwhile.


Doom3 seems to overpower all other titles this week.

I think the big question will be how many gamers get a decent night's rest over the next week. Between staying up late to play Doom 3 and the inevitable nasty dreams that the game will bring, will next week's "The Week Ahead" highlight Visine for sore, tired eyes?

I believe the sales of Bawls, Jolt Cola, and Red Bull are gonna jump a bit this week.

Hmmm...I wonder if the boys are vying to get some lucrative product placement in the game?

and the inevitable nasty dreams that the game will bring,

I'm not getting the game yet/soon, but just looking at the cover is going to give me Lovecraftian nightmares. I'm truly excited about this one now(damn you all to Mars!), but I'm still waiting for a)the demo and b)the magic $30 pricepoint. But now I'm checking pricegrabber and pricewatch and cheapassgamer similarly to the way you guys are checking the "on the shelves" thread.

Can you still be considered a gamer if you see all this talk about Doom 3 and think "Meh?" I am so burned out on the "big gun wins" techno-industrial future (in addition to real world war based and modern-age weapons based) FPS games that I have very little to look forward to. Thief III has provided me a short respite, but from here on out, it appears to be "everything as usual."

I know the subject has been beaten into the ground, but I sure wish LucasArts would revisit the FPS and give us a game in the vein of the original JediKnight and not the bastard child JediKnight-Quake merging that the two recent titles became. Sure they had wonderful saber controls, but the gameplays was BLOW UP EVERYTHING THAT MOVES. Sigh....

Season one and two of Sliders! The only decent seasons, allright! That show was so good when it started, that alternate Cold War pilot was great. I wanna pick these up now. So many DVDs, so little time ...

Doom what? I can't hear you through my 2 year old system.

I feel ya, sheared. Dark Forces 2 is one of the few over the years that made me stop and appreciate the level design. That being said, I haven't played a recent FPS in a good long while, so while the genre is really played out, I don't think I'm sick of it yet.

Reading the review posted in the forums made me think, "Ripped off from HL, ripped off from SS2, ripped off from itself," but maybe it doesn't matter. Many great games aren't innovators, but instead polish ideas to the point that the execution nears flawlessness. Not excited yet, because I can afford to wait, but I think I will enjoy it when that day comes.

I want some impressions or reviews from some GWJ'ers that have played DOOM3 already!

I will be posting my impressions on Wednesday.

I wonder if there's a way to get my brother to buy Doom3 and then immediately let me borrow it? Anyone have the name of a god voodoo priestess?