Sometimes I Feel Like I'm a Pawn in a Game


I've jumped on the Rise of Nations bandwagon this week and am learning valuable RTS skills such as pouting and pretending I'm having network difficulties. As I instruct my citizens to run this way and that, building temples and chopping down trees, I can't help but think I'm letting them down. I'm surprised they don't defect to my opponent's side to spite me for my poor leadership. I make it painfully clear to them from the start that they are expendable and that simply can't be good for morale. All I can do is promise them a better life in the future for a little hard work now. I'm bound to learn from my mistakes and become victorious eventually, right? At the very least I'll claim the game isn't very good and move on to something else. In either case, those hapless citizens will finally get a break.IL Comic


I'd like to think my RTS kingdoms are filled with citizens so brave, that they'll gladly throw themselves into the fray while there's still a glimmer of hope left for the future of our civilization.

Though you're right, they're just really stupid.


"I grow carrots." Wayyyy too tempting as a new sig. Nice work, Sway.

I've often thought my RTS peons had thoughts along these lines. Poor bastards.

Great one Sway, this is one of my favorites.

learning valuable RTS skills such as pouting and pretending I'm having network difficulties

Hahaha! I actually snorted over that one. Now my cube neighbors think I make disgusting noises for fun or have extremely bad sinus problems.

Today's comic is definitely an instant classic. IMAGE(

Artwork in this weeks edition is top notch. Nice work.

It's summer time and the days are longer but Sway only goes out after dark, so he has more time to work on his coloring.

*dies laughing and falls out of his chair*

Oh man, this is just... wow. Sway, I love you!

Thats absolutely fantastic - you should do a series based on RTS minions :). Like the RPG one that always has the henchman "taking it for the team" - I dont remember its name, but it was always funny. This is a classic - I wont be able to play RON again without chuckling - or every time I hear "We're under attack" in Empire Earth I will think my citizens are looking around saying "I told you so".


feeling like a pawn is a good thing right?

Great comic, I always imagined my peons grumbling at the insane amount of tasks that I set for them.

Build this and that and that and that. And I want it ready like yesterday!!!

BTW, I clicked on the link expecting to see some kind of prawn comic as in my haste I misread pawn for prawn(shrimps).

Gotta go have my eyes checked.