Speed. Bump.


Thanks for covering for me last week, guys. I knew I could count on you to make with the levity when the dark clouds of conference calls were pressed upon my shoulders. As a token of my appreciation I revisited last week's drawing and affixed a modest punchline which I'll post here with my regularly scheduled comic. This week's comic refers to your stalwart cpu companion in Rallisport Challenge 2. Whether you call him your navigator, or co-pilot, or just a short string of expletives, he's there by your side, calling out the upcoming turns and hazards. The voicework in the game is done well, but lacks authenticity. I've watched rally racing and these guys are trying to read from a notebook while wearing a helmet and bouncing over what can only be called a road using the loosest definition possible. His very life is in the hands of the driver. In contrast, the matter-of-fact insouciance of the voice announcing the hairpin turn at the edge of a cliff does not quite lend the air of urgency I find appropriate. Hence I crash a lot.

IL Comic

And special bonus thank you comic:

IL Comic


Both of these stirps are good reminders that we've got the right guy bringing the funny.

Those are great - I second Elysium's words.

Does Samantha have a sister??

Today is a good day... great comic!