GWRAARR! Hahahahaha!


Sometimes I draw my comics based on an idea. Other times I start drawing first and see what ideas surface from the sketches. Last night I was stuck on a series of conference calls for work and was having to sketch in the spaces between them. As a result I could think of nothing amusing about my situation. Conference calls are dreadful to me. They're like being CCed on an e-mail that only remotely concerns something you have some vague relation with. Most of the time you're not even necessary for the call, but you're asked to join just in case a question comes up that you happen to be uniquely qualified to answer. Anyhow the aggravation of the calls resulted in a sketch that was very satisfying, but, unfortunately, not very funny. So, as an apology for not being funny, I spent extra time on it at least making it extra pretty.

That's not all, though. You guys can help emphasize my failure to draw a comic this week! See if you can make it funny. You can add speech bubbles, replace the caption, add special comic effects like those little wobble-lines or drunk-bubbles. You can't introduce new characters or anything. The drawing is done. Just see if you can help me make it funny.

IL Comic


"Tell them I'm busy"
"You wont like me when I'm angry"
"I dont like me when I am angry"
"Honnnnneeyyyy can you bring me some toilet paper"
"Honestly steroids have no physical impact, really"

"I may be the bastard son of a walrus, a gorilla, a bat, and possibly a smurf, but, most of all, I'm one hell of a lover."


"...and this is the FEMALE of the species?! Game over, man. Game over."


I'd rather be fighting this than sitting here right now. F**king conference calls.

Don't ask me about this one...

"And then Barney discovered that, as a demon, he might be just a little bit gay."

"Why does my mouth looks like my tail?

"Nobody's noticed my lack of pants. Sweet"

That's OK, you're last several comics were extra funny

How To Scare Heroes, Chapter 3 - Striking a pose

Perhaps you could use some Pamprin, honey?


Wait a minute...this isn't Burbank!

"I missed Raven Shield for this:oops:"

"Bet you've never seen someone clean their teeth with their back hair, did you?"

"Does my bum look big in this?"

(Sorry, those that have every seen "The Fast Show", or, as known on BBCAmerica, "Brilliant", that's damn funny! )


"I'm supposed to pop in 10 minutes and I haven't a thing to wear! "

Despite promises to feed and water it every day, Danny's parents wouldn't let him keep the Hellspike demon that followed him home from school.

"It looks like someone's got a case of the Monday's!"

Has anyone seen my other hoof?

Coworkers never even noticed when Sway's responses transformed into a series of unintelligible grunts and growls during the 4-hour conference call.

"What the hell is that thing?"

"Whoah! You sure don't look like your picture on the Internet!"

"Please welcome SOE's new head of public relations."

...Soooo! Does it know any tricks? play dead! get it, play dead.

You are not laughing though"….

I like what you guys have suggested. I've been on a conference call for 6 hours today. I'm on it now, in fact! I might have to redraw the picture and include more blood and suffering.

"I wait around for months, and the one day I step out to see my Bookie, he opens the box..."

"...and when the whiners on Crossroads of Dereth said that at least there were no pierce AND bludgeon critters, well...oh yeah we nerfed banes again..."

"You should see the one that got away!"

"With the new genetic techniques, we don't have to bring back extinct species one by one..."