Something Borrowed


Stan's got his rented tux, his clip on bow tie, and with auburn hair slicked back has even set aside his iconic hat to dream of the happy bride and groom.  After months of planning, or more particularly of Hoochie planning and Certis dutifully not getting in her way, the happy couple will be tying the knot over the weekend.  Having just spent several days in close proximity to the groom, I can say for certain that Certis should be glad anyone hangs around him at all, much less makes a legally binding promise to do so.  But, to hear her speak on the matter, it sounds like Hoochie has made a voluntary and even well considered decision.  So, I raise my completely imaginary glass high and wish the very best to the couple on the occasion of their wedding.  I ask you to join me in the sentiment, as I've found it much cheaper than buying them an actual present.

Congratulations Certis and Hoochie!


Coungratulations indeed! *Raises imagianry champale glass*

Best wishes

Congratulations Certis and Hoochie!

*raises glass of iced tea*

Do you guys have a gift registry? I think it'd be pretty groovy if we all chipped in to buy them something, yeah?

Congratulations Certis and Hoochie!

*raises imaginary glass of non-alcoholic champagne*

Congratulations guys!!

*raises bowl of cereal*

Now Certis, when the minister pronounces you two as husband and wife, yell out "WOOT, I R teh 733t"

Oh time to dig out stuff from the archive again. Congrats!


Whoa... I was going toy try and find that exact same screenshot Spunior... without the words though.

Either way, Congrats indeed!

Congratulations and many happy returns!

Congrats on joining the married crowd.... Now all you need is a little gamer (trust me they are awesome... I have the manchild variety which I recommend as having little gamers who want Barbie's virtual dollhouse would suck...although that's sexist... if I had a girl she could play Halo2 if she wants dammit....err at least after daddy is done!)

Congratulations guys, live long and prosper together and may the Force be with you!

Congrats, homies!
raises 40 oz of Olde English

Congratulations Certis & Hoochie... best wishes. Now in a while you can help raise Canada's declining birthrate!

Best of luck to you both!

Weehaw! Good luck and congrats. Remember guys, it's "I do" and not "what?".

Congratulations- many happy years to you!

Yay! Congratulations to you both!


well at least some body is happy.

[edit] ...what aday, I need a drink.

Congratulations - it's a fun ride. Just don't tell the guys on TeamSpeak that you have to go because your wife is calling you; say you just broke your arm or cut off a digit or something manly like that.

Congrats! May you have many Cannucks!

**Psssss, there is still time to get out while you can**

Congratulations Certis & Hoochie. Here's wishing you both many years long years of happiness & gaming together.

Mmmmm, booze. Wait, what was this about?

Good luck.

Congratulations you two! My first anniversary is coming up in a couple of months, but I can't imagine life not being married! Best of luck to you both.

congrats to both of you

I would like to buck the trend of Congratulations and say have fun on your honeymoon! Also give me your damn WoW account while you're gone.

Congratulations and remember when/if things get rough during the ceremony you can always do a soft reset.

Felicidades dudes! If you ever need a volunteer for a threesome when the sex gets boring...

IM JUS KEEEDING! Or maybe not. Don't drink a lot!

I'll be waiting with the car engine on outside the church, in case you decide to make a last run for it Certis.

Thanks for the warm wishes, offers to have sex with us, help me escape and buy us fabulous gifts! Stan looks great Elysia, Karla and I were pleasantly surprised at how sexy and.... blond he is. I get what you're suggesting. *wink*

We both had our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties last night and had equally fun times. My time was slightly less fun because near the end of the night I demanded to try some of my brother's Absinthe which came directly from Spain. I only wanted a taste, I got over two ounces of the vile stuff. Hello Mr.Toilet, it's been so long!

Anywho, last minute deliveries and preparations today followed by the wedding rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. The marathon continues!

Do you guys have a gift registry?

Actually they do. He wouldn't post the information so I guess I'll just have to do it. It's here, just enter Shawn Andrich in as the name.