After some extensive research I've found that not many publishers are stupid enough to release a game during the week of E3. True Crime for the PC will be out but that's really all we've got coming. Instead, I've decided to make a bold prediction about what the hottest game of the show will be. It won't be Halo 2 since that won't be on display at the show and neither will Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. No, I think the hottest games on the floor this year will be PC titles. We've got a new wave of massivily multiplayer games on the rack and some really sexy looking RTS titles, FPS games and others. Rome: Total War, The Battle for Middle Earth, Guild Wars, Sigil, Auto Assault, Tabula Rosa, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Doom III, Half-Life 2, Full Spectrum Warrior, The Sims 2, Pirates!, Axis & Allies, Tribes: Vengence, Vampire: Bloodlines, Dragon Age, The Witcher, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and so much more. If I had to pick a game that may surprise us (assuming it's at the show) it would have to be Midway, which is from SCi Games and slated for the PS2, Xbos and PC.

Air, sea and underwater combat which you can switch between on the fly during the single player campaign. The game will be focused on the battle of Midway with multiplayer support for up to 16 people. Obviously it sounds more than a bit like BF: 1942 but there's something about the look of this game, I'm not sure why I like it so much. Anyways, hit Worthplaying for more screens and read on for the DVD list for this week!


• The Fog of War
• The Godfather
• In America
• Japanese Story
• The Jetsons: The Complete First Season
• Jonny Quest: The Complete First Season
• Scary Movie 3
• Shrek / Shrek 3-D Set
• Van Helsing: The London Assignment
• The Waltons: The Complete First Season
• The X Files: The Complete Ninth Season

- Certis


Certis wrote:

Tabula Rosa

I thought it was Tabula Rasa? Or was the mistake intentional? Like some kind of test?

Certis wrote:

Doom III

Are they showing this at E3? I recall reading somewhere that Id is focusing on getting the game done instead. Might just mean that there won't be new footage.

Oh, and remember to take extra sandwiches for Pyro's green child-hating mutated penis monster.

Ahh In America... getting that for sure.

I heard they were showing Doom III on the XBox, but because the PC version was so close to being finished, it would not make the trip.

Doom 3 will be shown for the Xbox..

OMG.. there's PBY's in Midway?!? I must possess it.....

Sounds great! Will you be posting from E3 or just when you get back?

From E3. I'll have my laptop and Sway will have his FruitBox 3000.

Ooooh, Rome: Total War !

link: http://www.totalwar.com/community/ro...

Definately looking forward to this one. Shogun was awsome, and I still play it more then Medieval, but the series so far has pretty much delivered everything I want from a wargame.

Although it has been previewed on British TV in a show called Time Commanders for about 6 months now, so I hope they have it finished.

Oh man, it's a shame the PC is dead, all those titles sound great!

It is going to suck having to use the common rooms to publish your stuff GWJ Staffers.