Acid Washed Will Be Fine


First an article about World of Warcraft, now a comic? Can you tell it's on my mind? The only game I'm actually playing right now is our Thursday night terrorist hunts in Raven Shield. I picked up Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mostly to use up a EB gift voucher, but also because I just want to see more Blizzard. In fact I'm tempted to install the Diablo that came with my Diablo 2 Battle Chest just to get my fix. I've been warned it's even more of a repetitive stress inducer than D2, though. But I've got an empty house for the weekend and no scheduled events of any sort, so who knows what's in the cards for the next few days? It's like a LAN party of one!IL Comic


I hadn't thought about undead tailor would be tough to pull off. What about undead fishing? Do you catch rotten fish?

I find undead with underwear extremely disturbing. (At first I thought it was a belt with a buckle, leading to much confusion.)

Good comic!

You stocked up on Bawls and Cheetos for the weekend then? I'll call you about a party at a friends house Saturday night... that is, as long as you promise to show up in your best undead threads!

There's something inherently funny with "Yon Pants"

Exposed tibia seems to be the latest rage. All the kids are doing it.

"Yon Pants"

Jeez, that cracked me up.

Now all the undead comunity needs is a yon undead-walmart to come in and put yon pants out of business

Where's Frog and Stork?

Pulse wrote:

Where's Frog and Stork?

I thought it was an ostrich BUDDY!

Is that Michael Jackson from the Thriller video?