Feb 23 - 29th


It looks like Elysium went ahead and posted his precious article before I could get The Week Ahead up to kick off the week. Once you're done checking out the (sparse) list for this week make sure you scroll down and read Elysium's latest. I think he talks about how gaming affects his relationship with his cat or something. On the gaming front it's a bit slow going with only a few titles worth keeping an eye on. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is our game of the week simply because to play it you have to spend about $250 bucks for the honor. $199 for the original Steel Battalion with the gigantic controller and another $49.99 for Line of Contact with full online support.

Maybe a bunch of us could all chip in to buy the thing and then share it around like the dirty whore game it is.

The Games

Steel Battalion
Platform: Xbox
Ships: Feb 24th
Price: $199.99

The Buzz: This is a re-release of the original Steel Battalion and controller so you will have it for the online version of the game.

Platform: Xbox
Ships: Feb 24th
Price: $19.99

The Buzz: Do people even read these things? Meep meep moop.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX
Platform: PS2
Ships: Feb 24th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: Wow, number IX already! I was looking at the screen shots and it doesn't seem very romantic to me.

Worms 3D
Platform: PC
Ships: Feb 24th
Price: $29.99

The Buzz: The demo for Worms 3D felt very much like a Worms game despite the switch to full 3D action. At $29.99 I say go for it.


• Aero-troopers
• Camp
• Chappelle's Show: Season One
• Cracker: Series Two
• The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season 3
• Matchstick Men
• The Missing
• My Life Without Me
• On_Line
• OZ: The Complete Third Season
• Pieces of April
• Queer As Folk: The Complete 3rd Season
• Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2004
• Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
• Star Trek Voyager: Season One
• Super Bowl XXXVIII

- Certis


Holy crap! $200 for a controller for another mech game?!? That's ridiculous.

Now, throw in a dancing pad and some shoulder straps for the controller and make it a Mech/Dancing game and they may be onto something.

My friend bought that $200 game when it came out. It's ridiculously hard and the controller is pointlessly big. It's a great conversation piece but it's more of a collectors item. Not a really fun game. I don't think he ever beat it because it was so hard.

*boggle* I was just talking with a friend the other day and we where agreeing that we neither of us will usually pay more then $39 for a game (will liked a shrapnel game but neither one of us wanted to shell out $60 bucks), the thought of spending $200 for hardware solution that won't wash my car once a week and give me lap dances is just beyond me. Dose this thing come with VR headset or something?

No VR headset. I payed $154 for my controller/game, and I was able to get the 2nd game (LOC) for $42.79 so I lucked out making it a gran total of $196.79.

You go to admit that it a cool idea for a Mech -game, but with VR headset it would of been even better!

Edwin wrote:

No VR headset. I payed $154 for my controller/game, and I was able to get the 2nd game (LOC) for $42.79 so I lucked out making it a gran total of $196.79.

For some reason, this doesn't sound like lucking out to me.

Moop moop meep meep!!

Meep meep moop.

Yeah, that's what sold me, too. Where can I get a copy?

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*Yes, soon the world will be ours my brother!

Hizzle Fizzle Gamizzle*

*Down with the Moop Establishment!

That shouldn't have made me laugh so hard, but it did. Evidently I'm in the target audience for Snoop Dog/Useless Beeping Humour. Who would have thought.

High level humour... what I come to expect from here

An obsessive collectionar/air/aire (or whatever the hell it's spelled like) as I am, I'd get that thing. But, first I have to get all them consoles... And I am kinda not really eager to do that yet.

Moop Fizzle indeed.

Moop moop meep meep!!

This segues nicely into my next question, how does one go about uploading/linking to a custom avatar?

Meep moop meep meep meeeeeeep moop moop*

*Read this thread here for avatar info you meeping moop

I bought the damn thing when it came out. Puppies and Angels cried when I realized it blew massive ass. More of a conversation piece. Not worth 200 bucks I say.