Indies du Jour


While browsing around at Gametunnel I stumbled over this review of Platypus. It actually is an upgraded version of a game that came out a while ago, but still worth a look for action fans. Platypus, a side-scroller in the tradition of titles like Gradius, features claymation-style graphics. The extras are pretty much as you would expect them to be in this kind of game. Overall Platypus is a nice looking, albeit not too innovative, shooter for up to two players. If you like the genre you should definitely try out the demo that can be downloaded from the official website.


GarageGames apparently signed a distribution deal with Leadfoot Productions and is now publishing their Aerial Antics. The player is in control of a jet pack pilot and has to maneuver through various courses containing hoops, obstacles to avoid and other objects. On your way to the landing platform you usually have to accomplish mission objectives such as flying through hoops, scoring with a ball or bombing certain targets among other things. Might sound familiar to Pilot Wings fans - and it in fact plays exactly the same way down to the controls. So, if you loved the jet pack part in the SNES/N64 classics you should give Aerial Antics a try since it might take a while until the next installment (developed by Factor 5 this time) in Nintendo's series ships. More information on the game and a demo are available at the Leadfoot website and at GarageGames.