A Brief Distraction - Donations


ItÂ's this simple: if youÂ'd like to help out GWJ with a monetary donation, this week is your chance. Everything else IÂ'm about to talk about compliments that, but itÂ's just the specifics and clarifications around that fundamental statement. For those who do contribute we have a few perks, but we have no less respect and appreciation for our visitors who choose not to donate. WeÂ've always said that the best way you can contribute to GWJ is to participate in our community, and we still hold to that. This is simply an opportunity for those who want to contribute in a different way, though itÂ's only temporarily available.

There are two ways to donate. The first is to click the donation link weÂ've put up above the banner to your immediate left. ItÂ'll take you to a PayPal page, where you can contribute to the site. The other option, for those who donÂ't wish to use PayPal, is to email me at [email protected] and organize a contribution by snail-mail. And, who knows, you may be getting something back with some giveaways Â"… besides clever editorializing. We donÂ't like asking for something without giving something back. So, all those who contribute will be given a small forum icon – the key to the executive bathroom – and weÂ'll also be giving away 3 games. Anyone who contributes $1 or more can enter their name in the game giveaway, and at the end of the week weÂ'll pull 3 names (assuming we have at least 3 contributors) to win one game. The games we have to give away are NHL Rivals (Xbox), Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Xbox), and The Mark of Kri (PS2). Additionally, as before, if any winner wants to donate their game to another forum member, they will be automatically entered into all future giveaways until they win again.


To enter into the giveaways and/or get your forum icons (which will go live late this week or early next week) you will need to email me at [email protected] and confirm the full name under which you donated. Next Monday we will be pulling down the contribution link and will no longer accept e-mail donations, and then we will randomly select three donators to receive the games with the first name pulled getting first choice, second name getting second choice, and so on for the third.

If you want to donate but canÂ't, donÂ't worry, weÂ'll be doing this a few times a year. This brings me to my only request. We understand some of you have absolutely no intention of donating to a website like ours, and we respect that position. However, we ask that instead of making a grand comment about how donating is just throwing money away, you respect those who wish to participate. In other words, if you donÂ't want to donate, we have no problem with that. Just, please, donÂ't snipe at those who do.

We very much appreciate our readers, lurkers, and forum monkeys. Your daily contributions to GWJ both in your readership and your active participation are what make this a great site to work on and, I hope, to visit. If you want to donate some money to GWJ on top, it would certainly help us out, particularly as we prepare for E3. And, if you donÂ't, then no worries. Things will be back to normal next week.

As always, we thank you for visiting GamersWithJobs.com.


I would donate if I wasn't just laid off. Have to save every penny.

Was Ulairi just saying donating is throwing money away? BAN BAN BANNNN!

How about we donate to have Certis go to Sway's and open the box?

I don't own an xBox or a PS2!

Opent The Box!...Open The Box!

THe opening of the Box should be a fundraiser all by itself. The problem is, Sway will never open that damn thing anyway, no matter how much money is raised.

What if we give him the option of opening the box or shaving his head (or something equally distasteful). At least then we'd get some satisfaction.

Hey, I want to donate, but damned if I'm using paypal. What about an address to send our contributions to?

mateo wrote:

Hey, I want to donate, but damned if I'm using paypal. What about an address to send our contributions to?

I'm pretty sure if you email him he'll give you an address to mail it to. Just not safe to stick your address on the Internet for everyone to see.

The other option, for those who don't wish to use PayPal, is to email me at [email protected] and organize a contribution by snail-mail.

Ta da!

Is the key icon our only choice?

Yes, for now, though we're still not settled on exactly which icon will be used. Additional icons may become available later.


It would help to read......you guys are so good.....

Pay-pal is a pain for some reason...

I am just curious...is this to pay for upgrading the site, and the equipment involved, or does this go for other purposes? I don't ask to be a nay-sayer, I just like to know where the money goes whenever the word donation is used. Seriously, this site rocks, and if there is a danger of it going away, I'm more than happy to pony up. And on the other side of the coin, if it improves an already good experience, I'm happy as well to help out. This just seemed to come out of the blue...or maybe it's just me.

I am just curious...is this to pay for upgrading the site, and the equipment involved, or does this go for other purposes?

Hmmm. I guess Elysium didn't really elaborate too much on where the money is going. There are a few reasons for the drive, one of the main ones being that while we've been fine paying out of our own pockets so far we're pretty much passing our bandwidth limits on our current hosting plan. It's not a huge deal but costs will continue to climb, especially at the rate the site is growing these days. The other aspect of it is simply that Pyro, Sway, Elysium and myself all plan to go to E3 this year and do some coverage that's a little different than what you usually see. We are going no matter what of course but every little bit helps.

Last but not least we are still moving forward with t-shirts and swag. We're going with quality stuff rather than generic Cafe Press items so we need some up front money for that too. So no, the site is not in any danger of going down whether we have two donators or two hundred. We love what we're doing here and we have no intention of quitting anytime soon.

Box first, then money.

First jou get the money... then jou get the power.. THEN jou get the women!

When do you get "respect" though?

Who cares when you have money women and power!

I second(or third) the idea of an opening the box fundraiser...
You could even give some of the money to a linked charity like Mothers Against Opening Strange Boxes....