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The guys over at RPGCodex pointed out what could be described as 'Pac-Man Goes RPG': The Magic Land. Beneath the rather generic title happens to be a weird but accessible low-level RPG featuring a turn-based battle system. After a few minutes of walking around and acquiring a sword the main protagonist, Pea Guy, encounters the first character to join the party. A yellow 'blob' equipped with a double barreled shotgun. If you didn't notice by now (or after looking at the screenshot below), the game doesn't really want to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, the demo (Act 1) is rather short and the second and third acts probably aren't huge either since The Magic Land is part of a software triple-pack titled A-Sock-Ellipse NOW. (Yes.) Which also contains The Secret of Coolness (Pea-Guy trying to get his stolen sun glasses back) and Defeating Dr. Robotica (Pea Guy shooting things). Still, the TML demo (10 MB) is worth a look if you'd like to see a somewhat amusing, albeit not very deep, approach to the genre.


Raptisoft's Hamsterball is aiming at fans of Marble Madness and the singleplayer mode of the Super Monkey Ball games. The 6MB demo at Gamershell contains a numbers of tracks waiting to be unlocked. After finishing a series in the Tournament mode, you and your 'hamster marble' can face the levels in Time Trial to improve your performance and see whether 'Owlburger' is the only ranking you'll ever achieve in the Tournament or not. Having a decent gamepad or trackball at hand certainly doesn't hurt here.


I'm sorry, are one of those things wearing a pimp hat? Brilliant!

I really enjoy these looks into indy gaming, seems I never have time to look into the scene myself.
Keep up the good work.

Agreed, great feature!

That's indies du jour btw.

Nah, he's german, it's gotta be de!

LeapingGnome wrote:

Nah, he's german, it's gotta be de! :)

As we tend to say in Germany: looks like you had a clown for breakfast!

As we tend to say in Germany: looks like you had a clown for breakfast!

Eww! Cannibal humor? You are SICK, mister.