Jan 27th - Feb 1st


It's difficult to choose a game of the week since I don't really care much about any of them. Seeing as how we've set a standard to maintain I suppose I'll raise my apathy salute to SEGA GT Online for the Xbox. Shipping on the 27th for only $19.99, GT Online will offer the full Xbox Live experience on the cheap. If it's even close to the quality of Project Gotham 2 than it may be worth the price!

On the DVD front it looks to be a good week for cartoon fans. The complete series for both Dilbert and The Critic will be out along with the non-animated House of the Dead and The Secret Lives of Dentists.The Games Of the Week

Sonic Heroes
Platform: PS2, Xbox
Ships: Jan 27th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: The Gamecube version did average reviews but then again pretty much every 3D Sonic game hasn't done any better than that. If you like Sonic, you'll like this.

Platform: PS2
Ships: Jan 28th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: The PC version was flat-out amazing and well worth picking up if you still haven't played it. I'd stay away from a PS2 port if you can help it. The Xbox version comes in March.


•Alice In Wonderland
• Big Brother 3
• Civil Brand
• Comic Book: The Movie
• The Critic: The Entire Series
• Dilbert: The Complete Series
• Friends: The Complete Sixth Season
• G.I. Joe: Season One
• Grind
• House Of The Dead
• I'll Be There
• Labyrinth
• Le Divorce
• Radio
• Scorched
• The Secret Lives of Dentists
• SNL: The Best of Phil Hartman
• Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
• Thirteen
• Wuthering Heights

- Certis


How could you not choose Sonic Heroes as game of the week? Sonic is baddest motherf*cker around!

Well, okay so I enjoyed Sonic Spinball but that doesn't mean anything. I was young and naieve!

The week in games does indeed seem boring, so I'll make new movie names by combining the release list. I am looking forward to:

Alice in The House of the Dead

Friends: Lé Divorce

and Star Trek Thirteen: The Secret life of Phil Hartman.

The other Sega GT that shipped with the Xbox ate donkey balls, so meh. Of course, so did PGR 1.

Star Trek Thirteen: The Secret life of Phil Hartman.

The weak and the cowardly have no place in shuffleboard.

Radio? Wasn't that just in theaters like last month? How come we get the crappy movies quick but the ones we really want always take forever to come out?

The Dreamcast version of Sega GT was really enjoyable.

Seems as though they took out the fun when they made a sequal for the xbox.