Jan 19th - 25th


There isn't a ton happening o­n the games front this week with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II out of the gate and a few other console titles worth noting. The big story is the release of Silent Storm, a turn-based World War II strategy game along the lines of Jagged Alliance and X-com but in 3D. It has been already been released in the UK and the reviews and impressions have been very encouraging. Silent Storm ships out o­n Tuesday for the PC and will cost $49.99.

On the video front we have Cabin Fever hitting the shelves along with Open Range and o­nce Upon a Time in Mexico.The Rest of the Games

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre
Platform: PC
Ships: Jan 20th
Price: $19.99

The Buzz: Developed by Ritual Entertainment, this is an expansion for the action packed but rough around the edges original.

Auto Modellista
Platform: Xbox
Ships: Jan 20th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: An Xbox port from the PS2 game that failed to really capture hearts and minds like many were hoping.

Maximo vs. Army of Zin
Platform: PS2
Ships: Jan 20th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: I love the $39.99 price point! I never got around to playing the original but I know many loved Maximo despite its difficulty.

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II
Platform: PS2, Xbox
Ships: Jan 20th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: Aside from EGM's 5.5 review it seems that Dark Alliance II is gathering reviews that are roughly in line with the last version of the game. This is good news for fans of the original!


• Barney Miller: The Complete First Season
• Belly
• Cabin Fever
• Jet Lag
• Marci X
• MTV Punk'd: The Complete First Season
• MXP: Most Xtreme Primate
• Once Upon A Time In Mexico
• Open Range
• The Simple Life
• Stargate SG-1: Season 5

More DVDs

- Certis


Fear the Storm!!

Damn, I don't need to be spending $50 right now but this game would fit the bill for me. You getting it Certis?

MTV Punk'd has a DVD release? Where is the justice in this world?

My personal favorite is how The Simple Life is out on DVD less than a week after the show ended.

Guys, give a Storm a chance. I have played Russian version and must say that it was a blast. Its one of those games that makes you tell stories to friends.
Like that one time when my scout seeked shelter in the house, as those bloody brits were flooding squad in crossfire..Poor guy drops down in the corridor and each turn tries to heal himself. Meanwhile, my two gunners ambush british patrol, catch them in heavy machine crossfire. Brits seek shelter at the house, where behind the brick wall my poor scout is healing.
Well..when he had at last healed to the max, my two gunners, hunting brits had weakened the wall so much that they shoot huge holes in it. And the first thing their bullets catch is, of course, my scout, who`s down to near zero again.
I was like "DAMN!"..and then I understood that i just got totally immersed in game, where every worthwhile event isnt scripted, it just happens.

ah, chatterbox.. I was drinking wine today

mmm Silent Storm. Seriously there isn't a game I played or liked more in 2003 than this game. I am a huge turn-based strategy fan tho so I might be somewhat overzealous. But I would definitely pick it up.

Silent Storm is definitely a must buy for turn-based fans.

Jagged Alliance
x 10
+ physics engine
+ make everything destructible
then set it all on fire..
= Silent Storm

Jagged Alliance
x 10
+ physics engine
+ make everything destructible
then set it all on fire..
= Silent Storm

I always forget to mention the destructible enivronments. The game kicks ass already then when you can destroy everything it puts the game at another level

*seven hours later and sober*
yup, the game rocks. I was a bit afraid to put much hope in it in the beggining actually. One of the reasons was that Russians often take WWII in a ... very personal manner and I`m not too fond of ultra realism and uber-precise historic events. So I was surprised in a good way to find out that plot was actually wonderfully silly toyful with 30ties sci-fi twist and all that. And they let play for all the sides, yay!

the only minor gripe was that (at least Russian release) was not as good optimized for ATI as it could be. Seems that Nival had sold their souls to nVidia.