Now I'll Try Without Losing Any Guys


If I wrote down, end to end, all the games I've never'd probably remark at my terribly inefficient use of paper. You might also notice that nearly every game I've owned is o­n that list. I'm just not a finisher. The last time I actually finished games with any real consistency was back in the days when I owned a TurboDuo (the CD-ROM based console upgrade of the TurboGrafx-16). And the o­nly reason I finished games with any consistency back then was because when you could actually find a game for the machine, it was $50. That pretty much put me at about o­ne game a quarter. And when you play Splash Lake for three months straight, chances are pretty good that you're gonna' beat it. Now I just use 'em and lose 'em, with a vague promise to myself that o­ne day I'll go back and finish them.IL Comic


LOL. I love this one. I'd even pay for this on a coffe mug or something.

I stopped Mario Sun Shine at 34 shines and read that I needed over 100 to finish the game.

Nice job Sway.

Hovermilk is probably the funniest invention I have ever heard of.

I think I'd like to drink some.

It's just a matter of money, like you said.

I was the same a few years back. Now married with a new baby, and I'm not getting the game intake that I used to, so I'm actually finishing some of them.

You remind me of my friend Dave. He has an MASSIVE collection of unfinished games. INSANE.

Then a screaming hot new game will come out.

"You gotta get it, man. It's the BOMB!"

"Damn, I don't have the money for it."

I tell him to trade in some of those oldies so he can raise up money.

"naw... I might get back to them someday"

Does this sound like you? Do you have a fine layer of dust collecting on games you know you'll never get back to??

Really. Give it up man!!! Trade them in to get new games you'll actually spend some time with.

Before trading those in, of course.

I call it my game recycling program.

Certis made me sell a bunch of mine recently. I was up to about 15 or so Gamecube games including the twice-played PSO (which I actually played online).

That is a dead on observation sway, not to mention funny! For the longest time I had this gigantic stack of unfinished games sitting on my shelf, until about 6 months ago. It was then that I decided that I would only buy a game if I completed one I owned. So in the past 6 months I have actually finished 4 dusty games, so my positive gaming Karma is now at a +4. So now I can bring on Halflife 2, Doom 3, Splintercell 2, and one game to named later!

The only problem left is that I still 5 or 6 games sitting on the shelf, staring at me every day, mocking me in the way that only unfinished games can.

I finished Half-Life (the first FPS I finished since Quake 1). My financee and I finished Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. I don't remember finishing anything else, ever.

Hmmm. Can that be right?

I'm in the process of moving and just packed up my games. I was kinda depressed by the amount of dust on some (ok, most) of the boxes, and I renewed a bunch of my promises-to-myself to get back to some (ok, most) of them. Now, if only I can find a DOS 5.1 emulator so I can run Syndicate... (or 3.0 for my copy of SimEarth - complete with pristine manuals)...

chumpy_mcchump wrote:

Now, if only I can find a DOS 5.1 emulator

they make dos emulators?

they make dos emulators?


Now if only I still had DOS games.

Rock on! Maybe I can finally play Ultima 7. I never had a pc until 1999, so I missed out on many, many great rpg's. A friend of mine loaned me the Ultima collection, but on Windows XP I can't get them to run correctly.

With a DOS emulator, perhaps I can finally get them to work.

psst...perfect for Ultima 7

I bought 2 playstation games (2 in one package) from Target on Sunday the 18th. I tried playing one of them, but it didn't work. The system kept flashing "error, no data". I tried several times, but unsuccessful. I didn't open the other game. Monday the 19th I tried to return the games for a refund or credit, but Target refused to give me neither options. They told me that I could exchange for the same games. The problem was they didn't have the games at that store location nor at any of their stores within 45 miles radius.

They told me to take it up with the manufacturer. I don't think that's right. Why should I take it up with the manufacturer when I bought the games from Target. Target was the one who took my money. Bottom line is they should have given me the option to exchange for similar or same price games. TARGET STOLE MY MONEY AND I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE EVER AGAIN!!!!!

What can a customer like myself do when they end up with a defective items that the stores refuse to exchange or give refund? Please help

sorry, didn't know this is to make comments to your posting. i'm new here.

obliez, ask for the manager. Explain you would like to exchange it for the same games, but their store as well as the other stores in your area don't have it in stock. Ask them what they can do for you.