Is That Pre-Tax?


After spending the whole day yesterday pondering aloud o­n my habitual consumerism, I couldn't very well just turn it off when it came time to draw a comic. January is a time to start fresh and do things right. For instance, since the new year I refuse to turn o­n my console until my homework is done. Seeing as how I finished college five years ago I've been able to obey this household rule fairly well. It's important to set goals like these so that you have something to work towards achieving. So take a moment as we approach The Year of the Monkey and reflect upon the changes you could make in your life to improve your fulfillment. Hint: Project Gotham Racing 2 works.IL Comic


Nice work. That is my vote for a GWJ shirt

Nah, too long to read for a shirt. Pretty funny though.

The just crash my IE...
Nice comic though!

Good comic, but I still vote for the space invaders one to become a tee.

Speaking of PGR2, I've been wondering. What is it when a group on Live say they're gonna play "cat and mouse". I don't have a headset, yet, so I can't ask on Live.

This has me wondering if game reviewers can deduct the price of the games they review as a business expense. Now that's a tax plan I could get enthusiastic about.

In the cases where they make enough to have to claim income for reviews, they usually get review copies from the publishers. I doubt there are very many salaried reviewers out buying their own games to review.

I wonder how much income it has to be in order to qualify. If some website pays me $5 for a review, is that income?

I'm still trying to figure out a way to convince the IRS I need my new Alienware rig to do freelance web development.

Cat and mouse is a version of play that was made up by people on online. half the guys use mini coopers, the others use one of the fast cars I can't remember what it is called. One Cooper and one faster car pair up. The object of the race is to have the Cooper that is paired up with you win the race. I love playing that version of the game it's so much fun.

Of course I only really played it once but as far as I remembered that is what they called that style of play. I could be totally wrong.


You are correct.