Child Labour in the Gaming Industry?


It may sound more like a conspiracy theory than any concrete accusation, but I believe the gaming industry must be running a camp filled with US children (10-14 years old) somewhere in the South-American jungle, and sourcing them for new input.  It's the o­nly explanation for what often passes as content these days.  Locking them into a room and forcing the kids to come up with new, 'hip' ideas, the same crew of minors behind the concept of BMX XXX and the semi-embarrassing dark path choices in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have now provided some new content for Sierra, which will be used for no other game than the 8th (well, actually 7th) Leisure Suit Larry installment.

To prepare, I got to write up a 10-page document listing every potentially offensive thing we could think of. The document included everything from different kinds of nudity to obscene gestures, among other things. [...]In fact, based o­n what we have right now, I'm quite positive this will be the most offensive game ever. What red-blooded American game designer wouldn't be proud of that?
Well, I could guess at least one, and he's probably trying to build voodoo dolls resembling Sierra executives as we speak. And like all games that are advertised to be edgy and "mature" nowadays, this o­ne appears to be targeted at 14-16-year-olds. And while you may be wondering if dope or sex-related jokes are still terribly offensive in times where Jay&Silent Bob or American Pie are quite popular, I'd like to ask the industry for o­ne thing: please credit the poor Camp children.


Yeah whenever they announce that they're "going for the shock value here, look how shocking we are! Look!"

It spells a sure bomb in the market.

You think they'd learn from other publishers mistakes.

The truely shocking games out there don't promote the fact that their shocking. They don't need to. They know the game will sell because it's GOOD.

Best misleading article title ever

Good stuff. Your hypothesis explains a lot about the "mature" gaming industry.

Apparently, someone changed the definition of "mature" when I wasn't looking. The game industry seems to think that "adult" and "mature" are interchangeable.

Children? Please, only the frat rats with "marketing" degrees could come up with that amount of suck drivel.