Gamers With Jobs Haiku Contest!


Welcome to the first ever Gamers With Jobs contest in the shiny new year of 2004! Sitting around the virtual meeting room we discussed the best way to run our first contest and how to make you earn your prizes. You see, we're not satisfied with just throwing fabulous gifts at the community without making you work for them first. Along that line Sway had the idea a while back to run a "gaming haiku" contest. Since my "send in nudies of your significant other and win!" idea was vetoed we're running with the haiku idea. Read o­n for the rules, where to submit and what's up for grabs!The Gaming Haiku Contest is pretty simple. First off, what exactly is a haiku?

hai·ku ( P ) Pronunciation Key (hk) n. pl. haiku, also hai·kus

A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons. A poem written in this form.

Here is an example of a Haiku:

This contest is good
Sometimes we all need prizes
I hope that I win

See? 5 syllables, 7 then 5 again. It doesn't even have to rhyme!

The Rules:

1) You must be registered in the forums to participate.

2) Each person may enter two haiku's but they must be included in the same email.

3) The haiku's should be about games, gaming or gamers with jobs (not the site, just the subject).

4) The contest deadline is Sunday, January 11th at midnight.

5) When you send your entry in be sure to include your forum name and your email address.

6) There are three prizes to be won and three places in the contest. Rather than assign prizes to each placement we will let the winner pick his/her prize and then let second place pick from the remaining two. Third place gets what's left over.

7) O­ne other note, if you don't want the prize you won for some reason (ie: you're third place, already have the game, etc.) you can choose to give it away to someone else in the forums. If you do you're automatically entered into future random draws until such a day comes (if it comes) that you win something you want.

That's about it! You can send your entries to [email protected] and be sure to have them in before 11:59PM o­n Sunday, January 11th. O­nce all of the entries are in our judges will pick their three favorites (with names excluded so they don't know which haiku belongs to who) and whichever haiku gets the most picks wins!

The Prizes:

Now for the important bit! Here are the three prizes up for grabs in no particular order:

A copy of Amped 2, the latest snowboarding game for Microsoft's Xbox.

A custom forum avatar created for you by our local artistic megaman, Sway.

Perhaps considered the booby prize, this Dark Elf Sorcerer D&D miniature was lovingly painted by Certis while listening to the director commentary o­n the Two Towers DVD. It doesn't get any nerdier than that!

Good luck!

- Certis


OMG So Gay
Stupid AWP Fagz Suck
Eat my Aimbot Bitch!

We will of course post the winners and the rest of the entries once the contest is done. Pyro, you're not allowed to write haiku ever again.

Jump on this server
WTF? You shot me ass
You're cheating I quit.

Ooh. I wanna' play too!

Loading my saved game.
This time I'll defeat the boss!
Loading my saved game.

Lugubrious words
Wasted on these hapless dweebs
Thesaurus, my love!

Posting my warning here too:

Note that any haiku you publish here are automatically null and void for the contest. Spare us your worst, but save your best!

Oh, Elysium!
Where would we be without you?
Wait, don't answer that.

Oh so pretty
and witty
and gay

I don't think you quite have the hang of this haiku thing, Mex

Adventurous Elf
Steps into his new world, fresh
in awe ... MOVE IT NOOB

He dances madly
feet moving like twirling blades
DDR f*ckass

Certis is jealous
of my haiku skills, because
my lines are just the right .... sh*t

Haiku End Boss says,
"Your syllables don't add up!
Game over! You lose!"

Since my "send in nudies of your significant other and win!" idea was vetoed

Certis vetoed this
Because I wanted to send
nude Elysium

I don't think you quite have the hang of this haiku thing, Mex

What haiku thing?

Dude, nice paint job on the elf, Certis.

Also, thank you for vetoing the nudes thing; naked bearded Elysium isn't on my list of "pictures to see before I die".

Elysium nude
the pain of my virgin eyes
ever agony

I heard of a pirate cat
That wore a remarkable hat.
It swore like a ferret
And swallowed its parrot.
Now what do you think of that? that for our limerick contest.

Since I could only send two, here's some that didn't make the cut:

been playing CS lately so....

masturbating elves
asking my age on the mic
owned at bombite A

why am I so gay
not the far away headshot
be my buttmonkey

garrulous Mission
combing Wookies in her mind
dead you will be, mmm?

I planned for a family evening
"Your sentry gun has been destroyed"

Crap, wrong button.