Not much going this week with o­nly o­ne publisher brave enough to ship a game this close to Christmas. Arx Fatalis, an Xbox port from the original PC RPG should be o­n shelves by Christmas Eve. Slim pickings o­n the DVD front as well unless you were really looking forward to Alex and Emma.... Pyro.

• Alex And Emma
• Anything Else
• Jeepers Creepers 2
• L'Auberge Espagnole
• The Medallion   

The rest of the DVD's.

We're looking at a slow week around here while everyone gears up for the holidays. Here at home we've got hoochie's parents coming over tomorrow for a little Christmas celebration and then it's off to my parent's place o­n Christmas Eve. I don't expect updates will be too plentiful until next month but I'm sure we'll have a few things up between now and then. Have a safe and happy holidays and play some games!


No games this week... fine, fine, I'll get the damn Deus Ex for X, are they happy now...! arrhh

I'm kind of looking forward to Arx Fatalis for some Xbox RPG love. Anyone played it on the PC that can tell me if it's worth the time?

Have a merry christmas.