Dec 15th - 21st


Happy Return of the King week everyone! In two days time we put to rest the Lord of the Rings trilogy and cling to the eventual extended edition as our final taste before everything is wrapped up. It's going to be a happy and sad day for me, these movies began not long after hoochie and I got together and I can safely say we'll be watching them years from now with fond memories. O­n the gaming front we've got a few ports and some PC games but nothing too exciting as we hit the home stretch to Christmas.

One other note before we get to the list. We'll begin hammering out the final details o­n shirts and such for the site come January o­nce all the Christmas/New Years stuff settles out. More details soon!The BIG Games

Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde
Platform: Gamecube
Price: $39.99
Ships: Dec 16th

Thr Buzz: Already out for the Xbox and PS2, Goblin Commander has gotten good reviews.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Platform: PC
Price: $39.99
Ships: Dec 16th

The Buzz: Better than the last Kain game but that may not be saying much.

Universal Combat
Platform: PC
Price: $39.99
Ships: Dec 17th

The Buzz: This game is published by Dreamweaver who can be very hit or miss with their titles. In this case it looks like they may be trying to do too much with all the different combat options.


• Dawson's Creek: The Complete Second Season
• Escape From New York
• Freaky Friday
• The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
• Rugrats Go Wild
• Seabiscuit
• South Park: The Complete Third Season

- Certis


Mmm ROTK. Tickets in hand for the trilogy marathon here in Memphis Tuesday. Over 12 hours of LOTR!

Ow my ass!

Oh man I can't wait to get that 2nd season of Dawson's Creek. It's the one where the transexual parapalegic midget cheats on Dawson with some other guy, who is usually Dawson's gay lover.

Wait, no I don't care about anything this week except for ROTK.

I don't see anything really "cash worthy" this week, except for the aforementioned ROTK, which is a good thing, since I'm looking to do my Christmas shopping this week.

Maybe I can sneak in a game or two into the budget, or maybe a used PS2 or something.

I'm taking a day off from work to go and see the Lord of the Rings, already got tickets for me and my girlfriend!

For the last two my wife and I saw the midnight showings on the opening day. We can't this time because of our work schedules. Damn. Just as well, I guess. It's 3 hours and 20 mins long.

Can't wait!

Everyone from work is going to the movie Wed. I hope they don't screw it up like the TTT release.

I'll be seeing thid with work as well. Big event and should be just awesome. Peter Jackson has really come into his own with these films.

Yup, my girlfriend and I are going to the trilogy showing in a few hours. I can't wait; it'll be awesome to watch the whole saga straight through at the theater.

I've waited about 16 years for this, as I first read the trilogy when I was 10, and have read it multiple times through over the years. Taken as an adaptation rather than a literal translation, the movies are awesome, and I love them for it. If nothing else, it's been awesome to see how many elements of the films managed to match or exceed the images my mind conjured while reading, which is unheard of for a movie to do for me.