Bang the Machine


Well, what could that headline be about? A friendly soul dropped a link to something that might be interesting to those among you who live in or near San Francisco. The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is hosting a "multimedia exhibition" called Bang the Machine: Computer Gaming Art and Artifacts from January 17th through April 4th next year. Together with the 'How They Got Game Project' of the Stanford Humanities Laboratory they take a look at the influence of computer games on arts among other topics. A variety of projects will be featured. Lovely ones such as:

Fur will present their interactive Painstation console, whose software is based on the early videogame, Pong. Players use their right hands to control a bat on screen, and must keep their left hand on the console's "pain execution unit" to avoid ending the game. If a player's bat misses a ball, his/her left hand suffers the consequences through the application of heat, electric shocks or a quick whipping.

They'll also show some rather dubious developments such as C-Level's Waco Resurrection. And you wouldn't want to miss that "600 Polygon John Carmack" sculpture. Katherine Isbister and Rainey Straus promise to recreate the YBCA galleries in The Sims Online. For the other five players who are still subscribed to EA's chatroom deluxe to look at. Read the PR for more information on the other projects presented. Sounds fascinating, although I do in fact feel somewhat weird for mentioning this as I have yet to take the time to check out this Computer Game Museum. Which happens to be just a few miles away from my place. You see, it was opened only six years ago.


You've got to be sh*tting me.

You've got to be sh*tting me.

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